Man its cold

Submitted by robataka on Tue, 12/06/2005 - 10:27.

I took the rapid downtown today and walked from public square to the office. Man is it cold.

Over the last nine years I lived in Okinawa, Japan where the absolute coldest it got was 54 degrees. And I notice that Kadena Air Base it is currently 55 degress. In December that is amazingly cold for Okinawa. Normally it doesn't get that cold until January/February timeframe.

Of course, the snow last weekend was great for the kids. Between the snow on thanksgiving and this last weekend, the kids are getting a crash course in "Winter 101". Ah, who am I kidding. I am having to adjust to it as well. ^_^;

This last weekend, as part of "Winter 101", my brother and his family came into town from Boston. We spent most of Saturday afternoon sledding. Which of course was really the first time for my kids to actually do that. My daughter was 3, maybe 4, last time we were in Cleveland and my oldest son was one, maybe two. I took my daughter sledding back then, but of course she doesn't really remember. So for them it was really their first time sledding. And what a blast it was.

Of course, Dad is sore now...couldn't let the kids be the only one hitting the jump that was on the hill.....just had to show 'em didn't I. Now I am paying for it.

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Welcome back to Cleveland

I saw in the PD today the snow belt has already exceeded 50% of their annual snowfall, and it's still early December - this looks to be a bitter winter... hang in there!

Graduating to Winter 102?

Hey Norm, if we are already at 50%, does that mean we can graduate to Winter 102? Or do I actually have to wait until spring....whenever that shows up around here.

Spring will be here around May

This is gonna be a post-grad winter - no dropping out - not kidstuff