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Submitted by Sandy Kristin P... on Thu, 04/06/2006 - 23:31.

Do you know this famous Cleveland-area company? When was the last time you saw someone using some of their lip gloss?

Danny Pho has chosen to focus his blog on exciting companies in Northeast Ohio. As a native of the area, Danny wants to reverse the negative self-talk that he has heard for most of his life about Cleveland, and demonstrate to his fellow 20somethings that there are really cool places to get a job in Northeast Ohio.

Do you have suggestions for him about companies he could profile? Are you looking for a little free publicity about your company, which might help you recruit some outstanding Case students in a year or two when they graduate? Would you be willing to talk with Danny by phone, or meet him at Arabica? Please leave him a comment and welcome him to the blogosphere. More background about Danny's blog is here, along with trackback links to others of my students who are blogging on different management-related topics this semester as an optional class assignment.

Bonnie Bell - now, I'd love his help with Strong Cobb



Bonnie Bell - that was easy.


Here's a challenging one - Stong Cobb predates 1880 and was a Cleveland wholesale druggery - in 1994 they built the Strong Cobb Building that is now the Gillota Building on the Central Viaduct - the architect was the same as for the Arcade, and Case Main, and he was the first Dean of Structural Engfineering at Case - regarding Strong Cobb, there is a globally-recognized test of pill hardness that they developed called the strong-cobb , and at the turn of the 19th century they had more employees than Sherwin Williams - I think they may have started out selling elixers - they are listed on a website of drug companies that used pot in products - they were acquired, and that was acquired - I think they are now part of ICN - International Chemical and Nuclear - and I believe they still have a presence here - don't know much more yet - I would love for a researcher to dig further so let me know how to arrange that... more on all of this is posted to REALNEO here!

I know Bonnebell!

I know a lot about Bonnebell! I graduated from Magnificat High School in Rocky River. Bonnebell --CEO, Jess Bell-- was a big supporter of our school. He was an advocate of physical fitness too and sponsored an annual race/walk-a thon at Magnificat. Bonnebell matched whatever the students were able to raise in sponsorship. The Bonnebell offices on Detroit Road in Lakewood (they look like rows of colorful townhouses on a mews), right by the bend near the entrance to the Metroparks are very cute; they add some class and cheer to an otherwise dull and depressed area. I have tried the lip gloss, and even have one in my makeup drawer now, but I can't say I was ever a big fan. I have always had a good impression of the company, but the fun, youthful image the cosmetics conveyed did n't appeal to me as a goth teen.