The Way of the Cross - Symbolizing Synergistic Strategic Alliances and Cooperative Cross Sectional Collaborations

Submitted by Sudhir Kade on Thu, 08/16/2007 - 11:54.

Let's try to elucidate the elusive and concretize the abstraction represented by my Cross System  - start by drawing a Cross.




1.  Write down GOV to represent government entitites at the top of the cross

2   Write down EDU (Educational Institutions) directly below it at the cross bottom

3.  Write down NPO (Nonprofit) and FPO (For Profit)

                 on at the right and left ends of the cross

4.  Write S at the Center of the cross (Spirit, Spirituality)



So we have both a literal cross and and abstract one.  The connections between GOV and EDU and NPO and FPO are already present.  These represent important public-private partnerships between organizations categorized by these three-letter labels.



Now connect the Cross ends (tips) to form a Diamond (or Star).  These lines represent

the intersections between GOV and NPO,  NPO and EDU, EDU and FPO, and FPO and GOV

respectively (and the organizations represented therein).  We would surmise that the

goal would be synergistic (1+1 > 2) as well as strategic (win-win via mitigation of risk

and cost through complementary asset fulfillment).


We are symbolizing the importance of cross-functional and cross sectional interactions and synergies with Five Specific Nodes.  This approach works to create a holistic symbol for holistic , sustainable, and synergistic community development and transformation.