Support systems for local artists (i.e day jobs, funded projects)

Submitted by Storm Palace on Tue, 11/15/2005 - 12:37.
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We support local artists

REALNEO is partner with the Cleveland Institute of Art FUTURE Center for Design and Technology Transfer, directed by David Moss, which offers a "Professional Partnership Program" allowing local businesses and organizations to leverage CIA Masters students in direct relationships with local organizations for product design and development. We fund 50% of a student's tuition, and are increasing funding for the student beyond that, in exchange for the student creating an innovative graphical user interface for a product we are developing. This is an excellent new program for the community.

We also hired local neon artist Dana Patterson to create neon signs for our firm, and we hire local photographers and other art students to do design work.

All that said, the hard part is finding the talented artists who want to do contract work. That is something the community should work on - matching artists (and their skills) to needs.