Updating the masses on an East Cleveland Transformation

Submitted by Sudhir Kade on Wed, 10/03/2007 - 13:13.

As I've continued to plug away and progress with East Cleveland technology plans with fellow RealNEO partner Norm Roulet we thought it would be fitting to share some exciting  developments. This terrific Tudor transformation at 1894 Roxbury has been a joy to behold and though the historic preservation piece makes for a great story in its own right, I've been more invigorated by the potential to incorporate a series of sustainable strategies to ensure that this becomes a model green and smart home for East Cleveland homeowners to aspire to. This has offered a wonderful practical, experiential consulting opportunity. The technology coming into play to make this all happen has been another great learning point.  I now sit typing from the Roxbury estate with the luxury of a Skype smart phone, top of the line iMAC 24 inch widescreen desktop and the makings of our very own test server at my fingertips. I also had the good fortune to (just yesterday) secure thousands of dollars of computer equipment to enable the creation of an actual computing lab, hacking site and cluster at the Hough /Star Complex in East Cleveland. Now I am in the process of securing the latest Ubuntu downloads for both server and desktop whilst writing this very blog post. Our WiFi is up and running here , humming along at a robust and hardy 11 MBps.

Abu Ali, former CIO of East Cleveland is now working alongside us with various aspects of technological home design and a fun and unique collaborative is developing here as we learn and implement this transformation together. Machine sanders are buzzing away upstairs perfecting and polishing the restored wood, nearly all of which is being retained from the actual historic foundation. An entire East Cleveland construction and rennovation crew is learning while doing on this very restoration and gaining valuable skill sets for the Star Neighborhood Development's next historic restoration project. This is certainly exciting stuff! We'll certainly highlight key aspects of this residential transformation, the commercial transformation we are collectively orchestrating at the Hough Bakery / Star Complex, and the greater commmunity transformation at the upcoming Cleveland Bioneers Conference on October 20th, 10:45 to Noon - as we lead a unique presentation and workshop entitled, Envisioning and Executing a Holistic East Cleveland Transformation. The workshop will not only be a wonderful opportunity to share envisioned plans and items executed with the public at large, but will also include an array of community leaders and stakeholders who will be able to collaboratively co-create strategies and action plans toward positive community change and outcomes.

For an excellent background of and foundation for work we began years ago look no further than our presentation, Envision East Cleveland - which I delivered during the Goggins era at key town hall meeting during a fantastic charitable computer distribution event. Some background on recent efforts and developments specific to technology issues provide added inspiration. In essence, we can and will collaboratively orchestrate a transformation which holistically addresses and includes six main pillars of sustainability which are illustrated by the top-of-page taxonomy I developed for RealNEO - Arts and Culture, Education, Economy, Environment, Health, and Technology. We have also been able to develop this strategy on multiple levels of system, each smaller system serving as a microchasm of the one enclosing it - individual residence, commercial complex, and community at large. The result is quite beautiful - concentric circles of holistically designed development.

How often does one have the opportunity to collaborate to orchestrate the transformation of a community from an impoverished and underprivileged state to one of greatness? This community which barely encompasses three square miles was once one of the great communities of the world, once home to billionaires like Rockefeller and pride of Millionaires row. A renaissance is
already in the making here, one capable of creating a community which speaks to true sustainbility, vibrant and pedestrian cultural interactivity, and stewardship of a beautiful environs characterized by motivated local economy. Building on the core strengths culminated over time within these six sustainability spheres by various community champions blends the best of old and new to help make this vision a manifested reality.

The future is wide open.. will you be part of it?  We certainly hope so!

Great invitation

Sudhir--I hope that many take you up on the invitation and the fringe becomes the center :)  I recently read a "rant" by Liz Maugans on how an artist defines success.  I would love to see her rant posted here, especially as it pertains to Cleveland Institute of Art and CWRU students, who should be part of the energy happening a few blocks from their doorstep.