An Appeal to Mayor Bloomberg - Green the NYC Subway!

Submitted by Sudhir Kade on Tue, 03/20/2007 - 15:54.


Dear Mayor Bloomberg,

I appeal to you as an infrequent yet dedicated visitor to the Big Apple and consumer of your public transit system - specifically the NYC underground.  For far too long I've held my breath (and not in anticipation) down below in stuffy, stagnant, stifling, smelly subterranean scenarios.  We need to breathe freely and millions of devoted city minions use this transit mechanism regularly, to the point of pride in car-free living.  What kind of reward, we must ask, are we giving NYC natives and tourists alike?   I propose a phased-in greening of the subway - whether including hanging gadens for a new transit Babylon or installing 'vertical landscape (3D) public art murals comprised of oxygenating multi-colored greenness.   Fresh air for frustrated friends...

While we're implementing these innovations during rare times of inactivity - consider the value in driiving the train with more eco-friendly and sustainable fuel sources.  Alternative energy for a transportation alternative. 

Learn from subterranean stalwarts the Tube (London) and U-Bahn (Berlin) - just to name a leading edge couple.  We need not suffer Down Under any longer!   We need to naturalize subterranean transport and simultaneously improve health and aesthetics.

Let's just clean the tunnels up to start - I think I saw a multitude of dead rodents and other creatures mixed in with refuse to refuse...   reduce, recycle reuse is the Mantra - don't use the tracks for trash people!   Collectively all the sub-ter system stakeholders must safeguard and serve as stewards to supplement safety factors.   

GREEN THE ' WAY,  I Kade say ..



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