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Submitted by Sudhir Kade on Mon, 07/02/2007 - 07:53.

Introduction :  Ingenuity Fest 2007 :  A Sustainable Future


Here is a refined draft for the A Sustainable Future exhibit to be curated by yours truly at the Nance School of Business July 19-22 along with the other Technology hubs.  Sustainability will be the 'glue that binds' in many respects, the various other hubs encompassing the wide array of technologies - from Fuel Cells to Nanotechnology to advanced Bioscience. It is only fitting that Technology be given such prominence this year at the Festival of ART and TECHNOLOGY and the timing is perfect for this to be the true coming out party for an epic festival !  

SIX Key Cornerstone ideas will be represented in mind-blowing art form format.  These primary pillars are as follows:

I. Biofuel Technology toward Sustainability  ( Waste to Food Innovation )

    a. Cellulosic (Corn + Celloid Fiber as Fuel Source) - Landfill as fuel resource
    b. Organic - Human and Animal Fecal Matter Drives new economics
    c. Smart integration of resulting fuels (ethanol, butanol, methane, veg-
    d. New Crop opportunity for Dairy and Traditional Agrarians (Farmers)
        Weeping Willows, Switchgrass Swatches, Sweet Sugars (ie.  Brazil
        Cane fermentation) and more - corn is most popular but least valued

Exhibit Detail - vignettes on video displayed via projection on prexistant plasma screens located at fore and aft the Nance School complex. These will continuously loop and cycle each of the main exhibits and videography will be self-sustained and selected (personal production and design but with the help and guidance of graphic design professionals like Glazen Creative and Gossamer Video.  Possible potential intern assistance from FUTURE at CIA and CUDC (Kent) as well as CSU would  be valued and incorporated as a key cross-college collaborative to drive technical success.

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II.  Project Genesis : Garden of Eden II

    Again to reach beyond the generalities and theoretics outlined here, we  need to present this vision graphically and visually stunningly.  The core concept is building a brillliant, beautiful and beneficial new world inside our very own earth to parallel the existant planet up top.  Again cross collaboration between graphics wizards - family and friends alike - will bring the best and brightest of videographers, graphics-gods, and animators and create a terrific teaching tool as a result.

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III.  Alternative Energy Powered - Quality Control (Laptop) Monitored  and TRULY Sustainable 'Living Machines'  - Three to Four Bin setup that is portable, modular, scalable while altogether sustainably salient. Tenatively titled ' Cleveland Aquaponics - NEOPonica' - this exhibit will feature both videographic and tactile installations.  Physical specs call for three to four key segments to the schematic - equal-sized bins would be ideal for the following

Bin One :  Water-loving, better than organic quality fruits and veggies
                     a. Melons
                     b. Tomatoes
                     c. Lettuce
                     d. other hydroponically grown vitriousness

Bin Two - will employ one currently owned 75 gallon Aquarium
                       for Tilapia display and housing = transaparent visualization
                       supporting materials sourced from - plastic
                       tubing, two large water pumps to drive systemic aeration,
                       and four Probes - one per bin - to allow for periodic and
                       episodic sampling of key metrics for quality control -
                       a. PH level
                       b. Nitrite level
                       c. Temperature
                       d. PPM of trace toxins (mercury, etc)

Bin Three :  Vermicompost display - Red wiggler worms from france frantically feeding on tilapia trash (waste).. indoor pool of 100 gal approx would be minimum employed or multiple smaller bins segmented (quadrisection) by a Cross could efficiently segment like Pie Pieces... the (kiddie pool)- procured from any dept store or website works. Dimensions per Diagram attached
                     a. Melons
                     b. Tomatoes
                     c. Lettuce
                     d. other hydroponically grown vitriousness

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IV.  Installation Four:  The Future of Housing and Community Development (Sustainable and Intergenerational Minds Unite)

This will be a great,  real world  story of sustainble development taken locally from documentation detailing a four-year epic struggle to sustainbly develop the East Cleveland Community - spanning three antithetical administrations and first envisioned as East Cleveland 2010.  The story is captured via videographic docudrama on a microscale (film short) with aid from Independent Pictures (Bernadette Gilotta) and driven in our very own new Media Arts Center - to be Christened this very Friday at our Open House in East Cleveland - specifically the Hough Bakery Complex we call the Star Complex.  The result is a one-of-a-kind Intergeneration Living and Learning Complex featuring Early Childhood Development on the left 'bookend' and Seniorcare Support Services to allow patrons to peacably pass away in their domiciles (i.e. Serving our Seniors model).  Incubators, Culinary and Computer-based GIS planning Center of Open Source basis round out the space.  The core anchor for economic development will be, of course the Intergenerational School

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V:  Open Source GIS -  bleeding edge mapping of both up top and down under.  Geographic Information Systems that are unparalleled for ease of data manipulation and accessibility, transfer, etc of key data.

FOSS = Free Open Source Software = low cost data collection, cultivation, and culimination.   Solving puzzling  or profound problems.  Generating thought leadership that trains, tutors, and teaches the trainees.   ESRI eat your heart out.  


      This is the license free, cost-mitigated, collaborative approach to layering relevant datasets - like locations, leverage points, leaks, laggards...  superimpose lead-laden locations with locations of lactating ladies  and you have pertinent possibilities to peruse postulate and ponder.   East Cleveland Evolves!  Community Gardening is better optimized, Lead is analyzed and abated via testing and remediation.

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VI.   Finally,  One of the more promising possibilities for global unity and a sustainable future.  This features the potential code-break of the DaVinci Bible Code via a bold postulated ponderance - perhaps the oldest of spiritual scrolls needs to be integrated in consideration and in addition to the aramaic ones (Reed Sea scrolls) - include Gitas and Vedas in exploration with other five letter scrolls - Torah, Bible and Koran.   Five scrolls comprising sides to a five sided hedron .. A Great Pyramid (of Papyrus )  



Think Globally, Act Locally -(Net Impact slogan) These will likely be reordered but you can see the premise -  and represent the optimal hybrid of theoretical and pragmatic - structural and functional -  Technology blended with Art
across multiple media sources.  Again technical specs - cost, dimensions, participants attached but
primarily video pieces and primarily self funded (thanks to material cost mitigation from Eaton and the respective schools mentioned) Other modifications TBA - Aquaponics will be Mobile as to faciliate both
indoor and outdoor installation per weather amenablity..


Sudhir Kade Raghupathy

MBA 2004 Case Western Reserve University
     Net Impact Cleveland, Founder
     Ingenuity Festival Director of Sustainability
     Bioneers Cleveland Technology Chair
     Managing Partner, 7Gen and RealNEO and
     Co-Owner,  Appreciative Inquiry Consulting

Gestalt Institute Org Systems and Design Graduate  (John Carter, Phd , Mauricio Puerta, and  Monika Moss)


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Excellent Idea by Ingenuity

This is the kind of thinking we need around here - great to see Levin and the Ingenuity team leveraging the event to raise awareness on this issue and help pursue creative solutions. I can't wait to see Madison's submission. How about all you other real and closet architects and planners - put it down on paper and submit it at Ingenuity

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