Project Genesis : Garden of Eden II

Submitted by Sudhir Kade on Mon, 02/05/2007 - 08:57.

The Genesis Project   :  Creating a New Garden of Eden Inside the Earth

Sudhir Kade Raghupathy

Creator and Futurist

Why not think outside the box, and envision a brave new world - built within the periphery-core of the existent one.   A Middle Earth - Nirvana, Elysium, Valhalla rolled into one.   My name is Sudhir Kade, and being of (relatively) sound mind, body and spirit I suggest the Next Great Thing - a futuristic piece of idealism i'd like to consider pragmatic futuristic.  Let's journey through  the Mind's eye and amalgamate the greatest technologies developed by man toward true sustainability -  the holistic integration of said technology to create a revolutionary new whole.  And on this journey, enjoy the riddling rhythms and unconventional writing style of a mind expanded.  Think Outside the Box!

Is it really so farfetched?  Man has dug for longer than we care to remember - and today - Feb 3, 2007 - I recommend that we build a better mousetrap - a bombproof, disease-free, green garden fashioned  as a labyrinth far below the earth's crust and far above, of course, its liquid core.  Let's consider the many possibilities and advantages that open up should we construct the greenest ecosystem ever imagined and blend it with the finest technology (of vegetation to feed starving masses, to quell overcrowding fears, and climate-control these underground Gardens to produce optimal growth and nourishment of the eco-system we construct and follow the tried-and-true-tenets of biomimicry.  Let's Learn from Nature - the bats, the birds, the bees..)

As a high level concept it wouldn't be a completely novel idea - we have dug below us for eons.  However the Vision I propose is of a New Garden of Eden, built deep below the city of Cleveland (then built across the globe, within) to ensure its perpetual role as the greatest city on earth.  The world's greatest metropolis in the making.  Starting with a Dig like none other.  You dig?




1.  All four walls (or the entire cylinder's inner surface area, if that shape is preferable (tunnel) could be growth surfaces creating far more than the baseline levels of CO2 and O2 levels necessary to support the complete and life-sustaining oxygenation of the ecosystem. 

Maximize growing efficiencies and revenue opportunity by coiling the tunnels like a snake or spring = end world hunger in a smaller space!   Fiber optics bring the Sun below.

Perhaps high-value growths would be tapped to launch the revolutionary vision and financially support the most expensive undertaking ever Created by mankind.  Shittake shrooms, saffron, silk,  exotic orchids, rare herbs... climate conditioned organic perfections.

2.  The lava-lattice of lava-beams connecting volcanoes on the globe's surface should be considered carefully (its HOT) to maximize the leveraging of geothermal energy sources - the sources should magnify in their contributive potential as we near the beams and traverse them optimally - mitigate digging cost with resource finds and geothermal power.

3.  Carefully consider fault lines and seismic activity when digging and kill two birds with one stone by doing so.  Perhaps generate eco-positive outcomes geologically as a result. 

4.  As we continue digging the thrill of un-expected discovery will permeate our minds, bodies, and souls , driving us to dig, explore, and discover new treasures along the way.

5.  Water streams and pools will be optimally positioned below glacial formations and such.  Waterfalls down below to beautify, cleanse and hydrate.

6.  Dig down untiil you dig through rock.  Dig across til you dig to water.  And continue across via sustainably-powered super-speedy vehicle-  magnetic poles, vacuum tube, gyroscope, or pressure-packer - opportunities abound to cross continent to continent faster and more energy-efficiently than ever before. 

7.  What roles do geysers play in the equation?  What oil banks or resource banks should we tap to mitigate undermining influences as we map this out prior via MRI of our planet?

8.  What should we grow down there and pool for our oasis-like visions of milk and honey.  A new world order will form around this brave new world down under.  many would pay much to gain access. But should we even charge - the vision needs to be sustainable and practically implement-able.   How do we get there?

9.  Howard Hughes eat your heart out.  The next great Aviator will fly downward and across and zigzag prolifically toward the creation of a masterpiece-maze, a labyrinth unmatched.

10.  Gravity works in our favor over time, does it not?  Engineers and Scientists of the world, Unite!   Magnets, Geothermal, Gyroscopics... Oh my!

eden's path

Points to Ponder

What to do with magnets, gyroscopes, vacuum and gravity to work forces in our favor

How much acreage do we gain by growing in 3D  (Wall-to-wall carpeting of the entire inner-tube maximizes growth potentials and outcomes drastically!)

Follow the Ants and learn from our microscopic counterparts

Let the growths make an art statement - public art unlike any other, an ecologically elegant economy.  Beautiful agrarian efficiencies and aesthetics.

Shoot across the oceans - supersonic speeds  portal to portal, continent to continent -  new underwater discoveries rival those of underland and Atlantis is rediscovered..  Dream!

Inculcate the ultimate waste=food solution and power efforts with feces-derived ethanol derived from human and animal wasteEat shite and flourish, people and machines alike!  Don't forget (slightly) more conventional carbon-based sources - corn, cellulose, and creative new crops (weepy willows, sunflowers, hemp, switchgrass - all contibutors to a Shangri-La Landscape  that generates more fuel along with the species-waste fertilizing the grove and feeding our machines - grow these 'Living Landscape Art Statements' up top or Down Under.

Human Behavior and Pattern reformation

1.  Unlike Ten commandments earlier, we shall have only one - Love

2.  First-movers should be smart, stylish, sexy and socially-conscious - servant leaders of the globe , get your comeuppance!

3.  Can we sufficiently temper our egos and put the path aside to live as nature intended?  What was that intention?  What will be our purpose?  How shall we successfully transcend self embeddedness?

4.  Orientation and training for the New World and the chosen few that lead the way.  Selective hiring, synergistic collectivism blended with individual excellence, trust and safety.

5.  All is One.  Live Long and Prosper.  Love and Serve and Love again - perpetually permeating proactive and perserverent passion

6.  Communal Communities Collaborating Cohesively and Synergistically in Peaceful Blissful Ecstatic Collectives -  all alliteration aside, we need to do this right!
Only One Commandment , One core value in Eden II - Love .  As Lenny Kravitz sings, 'Let Love Rule..'... Lennon asked us to  'Imagine'.. and he and his Beatle-Gang all spoke about a Revolution.  The time is now, for a quiet yet triumphant Rennaissance.  Let's start it here in Cleveland, Ohio and help change the world, inspire the masses, and start anew as we fight to salvage and restore and transcend the Old.  History (experience) is the greatest of teachers and it is now that we shall determine our mettle as students of that Master.

Peace.   And no, you can't have some of what I've got-  You've got it already. 

Believe nothing is impossible and you will envision the greatest feats yet unaccomplished.
Then execute to make them reality.   Dig!

More to come - book page upon book page.  The Aquaponic movement is ready to roll.

Who's in?

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I love your innovation Sudhir

Sorry I didn't comment on this earlier... so busy. I think this is very cool. I do not support leaving our planet looking for answers in space, but rather figuring out how to make our planet healthy for the future. I'm confident that you are tapping into the future of the planet and mankind, if we have a future at all. Keep developing this, Sudhir!

Disrupt IT

78,000+ hits

  Wow...who says REALNEO doesn't matter??? you hold the record?


Now I do have one question, and that has to do with the mine know, all the material that is dug out of the soon to be verdant tunnels...the writing is a neat cross of sci fi, meditation chant, and Cleveland.  Thanks for your upbeat outlook Sudhir!

and steer clear of carbon sequestration fields

While you're digging, steer clear of carbon sequestration spots and places where the EPA has buried toxic wastes.

A composite panoramic image of the world at night. Most electricity seen here comes from coal-fueled power plants. NASA

Goes with this interview with Tim Flannery on Fresh Air with Terry Gross. Stick it out as he addresses the coal/ CO2 sequestration issue.

Another point of view on climate change this one from someone down under... ends on an optimistic note.

We Are the "Weather Makers"

We are The Weather Makers; there's no denying it.  Tim Flannery's book of this title is a fascinating read. If we ever get our cyber cafe started, this is a book for the shelf. It is not too complicated,and it offers an interesting supply of true tales/scientific observations that you can employ to carry the reluctant among your friends to a new plane of understanding. Together we've gotten this role, and we are definitely not qualified.The sooner we start our way up the learning curve, the better.

And as for a ReaNeo bookshelf, why don't we have an area at where we can put books on the "shelf" with a brief desription?  If we can add photos to the album, we should be able to add books to the library.

I like the bookshelf idea - there's a module for that

I think it is a fantastic idea to have a bookshelf of recommendations and reviews, and there is a Drupal module for posting reviews. Let me look into adding that to the site. It would be nice to have a physical lending library as well - perhaps we can collaborate with the library on that.

Disrupt IT

Sudhir,I like the idea of, and I am not trying to rain on your p


I like the idea of change, and I am not trying to rain on your parade, but you might find it a little warm where you are planning on tunneling this... "a bombproof, disease-free, green garden fashioned  as a labyrinth far below the earth's crust and far above, of course, its liquid core."



Cross section of the Earth



The roots of Mount St. Helens are 100 to 330 kilometers (70 to 200 miles) below the Earth's surface. Here in the Earth's mantle temperatures are hot enough to melt rock and form a thick, flowing substance called magma. Lighter than the solid rock that surrounds it, magma is buoyant much like a cork in water; being buoyant, it rises. As the magma rises, some of it collects in large reservoirs, or magma chambers that fuel volcanoes. As the rising magma nears the Earth's surface, pressure decreases, which causes the gases in the magma to expand. This expansion propels the magma through openings in the Earth's surface: a volcanic eruption occurs. Once magma is erupted, it is called lava.

-- Excerpts from: Volcanoes! -- U.S. Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey, Teaching Packet

Method to my 'madness' - active volcanoes= beams

Thanks for the comment Bill, as a response please keep in mind this applies on a continual basis, so Active volcanoes and hot springs represent the viable geothermal energy sources I am referring to -  there are several active lava spouts, and when these are active, they represent new value opportunities on an ongoing basis -  I had to consider an element of prophecy here...   note a few additions re: ethanol inculcation to make this all even more cost effective (human and animal poo + alternative (new agrarian-economy shifting) ) .  

Thanks, your comment did inspire the clarification that the coiled tunnels would be optimally horizontal - much like the conducting coil on the typical stovetop - or the base of a coiled cobra.  This way we ensure optimal use of existing topsoil, and as much of it as possible.  WE may even have room for a few rows/layers of these....  hmm


Clarified and Enlightened?   Lava beam lattices do and will exist - and not all is to be taken literally or as a snapshot in time.   Far above and far below does not convey equidistance in this case - better to say MUCH farther above than below  :-)


Peace and thanks again!   Without challenge and conflict we cannot ensure change that averts groupthink and stimulates innovation beyond seed thought.   Ideation becomes innovation via implementation.  And Implement we will !

Heart-(and-not-Global) warming

Thanks everyone for such great support .. i'm getting interest and acclaim from other states now...  really wonderful to see.

We can and will build DOWN as well as up - why not have three parking garages below the same space, or six basements ?   Think outside the Box!  Is Space the Final Frontier?

Only if you take the definition of Space to include that excavated especially energy efficiently.  Just think : this might require rewriting restrictive regulations.  Ramifications here to consider - perhaps those artificial islands being boldly built by Japan and Dubai might be constructed cost efficiently with the carnage of cutout rock...   waste to food and foundation for new homes and better yet, natural rock formations, sculptures, and other quarry materials.


Expanding on grow coil theory as it applies here

You may have seen prior postings refer to the new knowledge I presented here on REALNEO regarding Grow Coil Theory.  Just for clarification, the line in this pop-prose detailing of the Genesis Project that calls for coiling of earthen tunnels that could be grown 360 degrees around inside the surface area of these tunnels is where (Grow Coil Theory) GCT applies.


As a reminder, this is particularly exciting when you consider the acreage that could be grown underground, year-round under one small plot of not-necessarily arable land.  These create interesting and intriguing implications for underdeveloped countries with limited natural resources and arable soil.  Grow coils might apply nicely and be needed more immediately in these impoverished places. 


The Acreage grown, as mentioned previously, can be approximated as just under Circumference of tunnel tube * Length of tube (CL) or more specifically:  2 * Pi * Radius of tunnel tube * length (2*Pi*RL).    One can quickly calculate a remarkable efficiency (many magnitude-fold increase)  here and as a result this certainly merits some rapid prototyping.


This more efficient approach to using the entire topsoil layer (3D) rather than superficial surface growth (2D) might be the wave of the future and is certainly far less wasteful.  Additional key details involving these coils that should be considered in design - lighting might be optimal if it were alternative-energy powered - geothermal to eliminate solar (surface) dependencies, or wind/solar if seeking assistance from up top.  The light source would likely be ideally positioned if it ran through the center of the tunnel - this way all growths would grow 360 degrees around it along the entire length and vegetation would naturally be attracted to the light at the tunnel center, allowing for greater ease of harvesting.


The tunnel itself could be fashioned in a number of ways - from ways as natural (and amusing) as the use of bundled burrowing moles and other digging critters to the more pragmatic solution of digging  the spiral labyrinth from the surface and then 'topping' the resulting maze subsequently.  Robotics offer an interesting artificial and automated angle.


Regardless, however you dig them, the coils represent innovative and ultra-efficient growing pods that produce much more volume from one plot of land than ever before.  This ultimately changes the very nature of property value for farmers and realtors alike.


Interesting design considerations come into play when considering how maximally the radius can be expanded to expand acreage but also incorporating the lighting situation (distance from light source of surrounding earth, power supplied to said source, proximity to water supply from water table layer or nearby springs, etc). 


I hope to incorporate this new knowledge (Grow Coil Theory) in a proposal for the upcoming Live Edge Contest for a Grow Coil - perhaps the entire Garden of Eden vision (on a smaller space scale) could be submitted as well, but would certainly be a much more extensive and expensive effort and as such would require an evolved team.  If others are interested in discussing or working on either prospect, please let me know!


That's all for now, but be on the lookout for a series of book pages to help elucidate, elaborate and evolve these concepts.





How long?

This is a very interesting idea.  It seems like something we should pursue before it is a necessity.  What kind of time frame are we talking about anyway?  If it is something that may take several years the sooner it is started the better.  Who knows when our children or our children's children will NEED to revert to this type of living.  The best scenario would be to complete such a space before it is needed.  One probelm that may arise is the space that is available.  If the space is contained how will we decide who is worthy of living in such a space?  I can see many social-more problems arising from something like this.  Also, what kind of pool supplies will be necessary to circulate the bodies of water that have been created?  Much like a fish tank, these bodies need to be circulated in order to receive the needed oxygen in order to remain fresh.  Now, do we have the technology available to do this?  And if so, who's going first?

peace activist goes underground in missile silo


I thought of you when I saw and heard this Studio 360 interview on living in a Kansas missle silo: A Missile Base Called Home.

And I have been meaning to share this with you: subrosa. (I love the Rural Studio!)

Maybe soon Jeff Buster will post some pics of the great solar geothermal building we visited in New Hampshire...