surfing sustainable design on sunday morning

Submitted by Susan Miller on Sun, 03/23/2008 - 09:38.

 I began by reading about architecture in the NYTimes, but went surfing.

Here's the journey:

Name-Brand Designs for the City's Skyline
(The thing that interested me was the thought that New Yorkers want to live in these signature towers - we have a signature tower here by Marcel Breuer that could be transformed into quite a prestigious address.)

Mumbai Warehouse
nice warehouse, eh?

40 Bond by Herzog & de Meuron

Interesting materials

Off the Grid: Sustainable Habitat 2020
(Be sure to allow the podcast to load and listen to how this home of the future will work with the environment.)

Also of interest is how Phillips is thinking about design and innovation and bringing ideas to market. They seem to be catching on to the idea that everything that is linear does not necessarily follow that old school logic. This gets back to the point that we are changing our perception of the game. It is not linear and finite - winner/loser, but rather the game is infinite, winner/winner, cycling, adjusting, adapting.

Read about their 3 horizon innovation plan here:
Design Probes. Please click though and continue reading. These are interesting ideas about design, innovation and product/economic development. The video for Sustainable Habitat 2020 is based on China, but it could readily apply here or anywhere.

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