Viktor Schreckengost 1906-2008

Submitted by Susan Miller on Sun, 01/27/2008 - 11:05.
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Quiet Giant

This man touched so many people's lives through the power of DESIGN.  Cleveland needs to live up to his legacy.

Viktor Schreckengost's whimsical love of nature was passed on to my father trained in art and architecture at Case Western Reserve University--a love passed on to his daughters and grandchildren. Real art transcends generations. 

Time - Viktor

The last time I saw Viktor was at my parents' Christmas party, the year before last, and he was doing well, and 100. Cleveland and CIA associates have been fortunate to have Viktor here, and many other great artists here. I've been fortunate to celebrate that all my life. With sadness, I celebrate Viktor, in final passing, as his memory and work live on with many and will forever. The legacy of a great man and artist. Much love.

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Designing With CO2 In Mind...

Design With CO2 In Mind


Yes, it has become a dogma that about 30 - 40% of carbon-dioxide emissions is caused by buildings: it is the sum of erection, maintenance and demolition. In fact, the precise CO2 calculation of an individual building isn't easy - too many factors influence the total CO2 emission: building life cycle, wall heat conductance, geographic location, ventilation, energy sources, building materials and more. Usually architect's don’t have that expert knowledge. Why not a suggest a simple approach? How much CO2 is produced when making one cubic meters of concrete / steel / wood / brick? Of course it make a great difference. Beginning with concrete: 385 kg CO2/m³, steel: 12,200 kg CO2/m³, brick: 375 kg CO2 /m³ and wood - as a material with can bind CO2 - has got a negative total of minus 900 kg CO2 /m² (source: GEMIS)