Russell Berusch

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Russell Berusch
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Russell Berusch 's sick Land Bank play

 Telling East Cleveland property owners to sell to him because he already owns Mickey's on Penrose/Euclid in East Cleveland -- it is being held FOR HIM by Uncle Gus!  READ about Russell Berusch here:


Mr. Berusch formed Berusch Development Partners in 2006 to provide part-time consulting services. He moved to the company on a full-time basis in 2011.

He previously was vice president for commercial development at Case Western Reserve University, where he conceived of and oversaw the pre-construction phase of the Uptown project. This $150 million development of retail stores, apartments, cultural institutions, and landscaped open space opened its first phase in 2012.

Before joining CWRU, Mr. Berusch was senior vice president of real estate for Neighborhood Progress, Inc., where he led the nonprofit’s real estate development subsidiary for ten years. He worked with community and private partners to develop ten large-scale, catalytic housing and retail projects that brought $90 million of investment in Cleveland neighborhoods. These projects included the construction of the Lee-Harvard and Arbor Park Place shopping centers, the redevelopment of the historic Fries & Schuele Block into condominiums and apartments, and the building of Dave’s Supermarkets stores in Cleveland’s Ohio City and Slavic Village neighborhoods. In total the projects helped enliven urban areas with more than 275 housing units and 330,000 square feet of retail space.

Mr. Berusch previously served as director of real estate planning at The Cafaro Company, a Youngstown-based shopping center developer. He also has been a consultant at Laventhol & Horwath, a national accounting and consulting firm, and executive director of Edgewater Development Corporation, a community development organization in Chicago.


Worth your time to read:

Urge the City of Cleveland to Preserve and Protect Hessler Court and Hessler Road

Hessler Coalition started this petition to Cleveland City Council Ward 6 Councilman Blaine Griffin and 4 others

Hessler Court and Hessler Road Historic District is Cleveland's first Landmark District and for more than fifty years, host of the Hessler Street Fair, an event rooted in the preservation of historic and affordable housing on Hessler Court and Hessler Road. In 1971, the Cleveland Landmarks Department was born out of work done by us, the Hessler community. We have fought for decades to preserve and protect the place we affectionately call "Hessler,” which is now enveloped within a cultural, educational and medical district. We are home to Hessler Court, Cleveland’s last woodblock road, a site we got listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975. 

Hessler Road is a short, narrow, one-way, red-brick road nestled among trees, stone curbs, stone sidewalks, and architecturally diverse early twentieth century dwellings. It’s only egress is the even smaller Hessler Court. At one hundred and fifteen years old, The Hessler Court and Hessler Road Historic District is a fragile place and we want the City of Cleveland to help us protect it from neglect, excessive vehicular activity, tree canopy loss, water run-off, gentrification, construction impacts and irresponsible developers.

In the spring of 2021, with no plan in place to protect Hessler’s historic infrastructure and Street Fair, the City of Cleveland approved the demolition of a recently restored historic two car garage and the construction of a micro-unit apartment building in the rear yard of a historic home within the district. The land was sold by the local development corporation, University Circle Incorporated, to developers with a known history of causing damage in and around the district during their prior projects.

We have tried to get our voices heard, but City officials have been reluctant to acknowledge our concerns about the development proposal, the planning process and the devastating impacts the development could have on the district without a preservation plan in place – even in the face of overwhelming support to protect Hessler.

Join us. Urge the City of Cleveland to take every step possible to preserve and protect Hessler by working with us to safeguard the Hessler Court and Hessler Road Historic District.

 University Circle - epicenter collusion




Cleveland and Cuyahoga County Corruption

  • Published on February 23, 2019

 Laura McShane - Baumann got lucrative Land Bank demoliton contract on YMCA demolished 3873-3881 W 25 St

Photo credit: Laura McShane - Baumann got lucrative Land Bank demoliton contract on YMCA demolished 3873-3881 W 25 St




Status is online

Laura McShane, MLIS, MLA

Advocate for Government Accountability and Digital Access

Attracting new business and talent to our region is not going to happen if our municipal and county government is seen as corrupt and intractable. Ranked in top 10 of cities with corruption.

This Tuesday 2/25//19- Cuyahoga County Council intends to give unchecked powers to the Cuyahoga County Land Bank. The Inspector General of Cuyahoga County has no jurisdiction over the Cuyahoga County Land Bank, yet the agency is funded through fines collected by the county. The proposal on Tuesday will expand their budget from seven to $30 million and their governmental reach and mission--now, primarily from demolitions--to a new "supercharged" Community Development Corporation for housing rehab and flipping- with the added ability to "wite out" back taxes.

The move is being orchestrated in collaboration with Cleveland City Council members, Kevin Kelley and Tony Brancatelli, who are requesting that the city budget also fund code enforcement through the neighborhood community development corporations.

Cleveland City Council FUNDS former council persons to earmark properties for the Cuyahoga County Land Bank. TAXPAYERS pay Matt Zone's salary at the WRLC


It is an illegal move. CDC employees ARE not to do "code enforcement" of any kind. Rokakis, Frangos, and Pianka began the misuse of HUD Community Development Corporation funds to conduct these illegal inspections through CDCs. Pianka went from Detroit Shoreway CDC to Cleveland City Council to the Housing Court position (which Rokakis credits as his creation). He was being investigated by federal agents before he died suddenly. This racket has been allowed to tentacle and conceal their primary money maker - demolitions at the city and county level.

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Tony Brancatelli also serves as the Cuyahoga County Land Bank Board Chair. Cleveland City Council introduced legislation to fund former council person Matt Zone's position at the Western Reserve Land Conservancy through taxpayer dollars awarded at Cleveland City Council.

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I sent this letter to Council President Kevin Kelley and I have yet to receive a response:

Honorable Council President Kelley,

Please enter my letter in the record regarding any committee hearings towards funding CDC's to do "code enforcement."

You are well aware of the nightmare unfolding with the finances and real estate managed by the Buckeye Shaker Square Development CDC. I am the Head of Community Development Tania Menesse, who has inherited this mess. There is, no doubt, a federal investigation underway involving these "CDCs" - and including non-profit housing groups like Famicos, Cleveland Housing Network and Neighborhood Housing Services.

If - as the media has reported, "Johnson and BSSDC are also subjects of an investigation by the FBI’s public corruption reported in November," then, your council body must be especially cognizant of the unlicensed powers you are enabling by funding these CDCs with federal and general fund revenue. Jasmin Santana, my city council representative, is also cc.d. 

It is your job as Cleveland City Council President to steward and protect public funds.


Laura McShane

Ward 14

Ronayne - you need to answer to this:


Join us for the second community event for the Connect East Cleveland placemaking process. Based on feedback received during the first public event on April 20th, the design team is developing different options for public art, crosswalks, green spaces, and other placemaking elements to share with the community. The second public event will give attendees an opportunity to choose their favorite design options through interactive engagement stations.

Please plan to stop by anytime on:

Friday, July 14, 2023

3:30pm - 6:30pm

Mickey’s building (12550 Euclid Ave)


December 16, 2022

Resolutions Adopted


Ronayne will never question Land Bank -Kucinich might?


Cleveland City Council employee Steven Rys is being charged by Kucinich team for working smear on Kucinich during campaign for mayor.
Kevin Kelley and Tony Brancatelli are close associates of Rys. 
All going back to Slavic Village Recovery etc. Cleveland city council aide named in Kucinich defamation suit --
If ANYONE dares to question Ronayne's key hiring or the Cuyahoga County Reutilization Corp they are going to be labeled racist and anti-Semitic.... classic Rokakis-Frangos play.

Slavic Village Recovery… “Stress Free” Homes:  Other than a catchy slogan, what is a “Stress Free” home?

Let’s face it – most of the stress in our lives has a dollar figure attached to it.  How many times has something gone wrong, and the first question in mind is: “How much is this going to cost”, and the next thought is: “There is no way to get ahead”.

A “Stress Free” home can relieve a lot of financial uncertainty.  Ranging from $56,000 to $64,000 in price.

First of all – With a monthly payment in the $450 range (and that includes taxes and insurance) – There is the lack of stress from wondering if you can afford the most basic monthly living expense…

Then there is the lack of stress normally endured when opening that monthly bill from Dominion East Ohio Gas.  Living in a home with a new furnace, weather-tight windows, and insulation produces much lower utility bills.

“Stress Free” means not being stressed out over the condition of the electric wiring, the plumbing in the walls, the condition of the roof.  A Slavic Village Recovery home has been rebuilt!  Your only stresses will be decorating, and deciding where to put the TV.

Commuting downtown?  How about the lack of stress living only 15 minutes away from downtown – without getting on an interstate?  For that matter – ride your bike downtown on the new bike trail six months out of the year.  Live Near – Go Far!