wind turbine dance video

Submitted by Susan Miller on Sat, 04/07/2007 - 00:11.

It is easy to see why this might be difficult from onboard a barge. It must have been an amazing dance out there in the southwest where there are the massive farms Jeff pictured here on realneo.

How to make a wind turbine.

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OMG this is an amazing video of building a turbine

Seeing a wind turbine built is awesome - great find Susan (from UK - no surprise). That's the most valuable learning tool I've seen about all of this off-shore-wind discussion... now I see why they cost $ millions each, on land. Would love to see that done on water... I believe they are doing that in the North Sea.

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BOO YA - Wind Turbine Assembly To UK Electronic Music

Never thought about a proper score for this sort of assembly project but I think the producers here did a down right smashing job.   Thanks Susan Miller for posting this up.  I want to dance all night under some mega watt turbines powering a 5 million watt bass-a-saurus- rex sound system bumping the latest in Agape on Sustainable Recordings out of Miami.     ;-)


Down with the lake pipe dream, put these on land!