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alberta wind turbines and round hay bales

If Ohio wasn't controlled by the lobby for the coal and fossil electrical industry, this is the view you could see today(minus mountains) south west of Toledo.
And in Cuyahoga County, Prosecutor Bill Mason has done an excellent job of stalling - reaching for the highest star - wind on the lake - instead of installing land based turbines two or three years ago.

And by the way, why is Bill the County Prosecutor head of the Wind Task Force? Maybe Jimmy Dimora got him the post?

Photo is in Alberta, Canada.
ps Laura - maybe you would set up a realneo poll asking if the view in the photo, with its wind turbines sharing the farmer's wheat fields, is a good view or a bad view - let's find out what percentage of our viewers believe wind turbines are an aesthetic blight on our horizons...or, view turbines as another healthy crop (which doesn't require fertilizer).

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blowin' in the wind

Wind on the lake might be researched and ready by the time credit markets revive - say 10 years.

Green Meltdown: Credit Crunch Whacks Renewable Energy, Too WSJ Oct. 9, 2008

Even T. Boone Pickens is wringing his hands.

Too bad Ohio is so far behind with these issues, wind water, sun, soil. There's so much potential here. As I drove north from Columbus yesterday over the rolling hils and across the broad plateaus watching the pavement ahead and the corn and soy on either side of I-71, I imagined diversified organic farms with wind turbines and solar panels. We might be amazed to find how much nutrition and energy and innovation would be here if we pulled the plug on coal and current agricultural policy. As it is, wind will have to wait; so will solar. Nutrition will have to wait, too because Bush wanted to encourage ethanol forcing farmers to plant corn fencerow to fencerow. Ohio cities haven't yet "gotten" the news about urban stormwater; combined with feedlots (confined animal feeding operations) which operate in Ohio these tactics are effectively killing our lake and waterways. 

In the future, will we still take for granted turning on the lights and drinking a glass of water from the tap? Will we find more nutrition in a cabbage grown in an asphalt garden in the city or from an Ohio farmer's high-yield field?


Bad wind blows hard

Mason is the head of the Wind Task Force? WTH! I can't set up a poll off of this post (to my knowledge--Jeff S?)

Wheat Field Wind Farm

Horizon Wind Energy has been able to secure a long-term power purchase agreement with Snohomish County Public Utility District (Snohomish) to sell renewable wind energy from the Wheat Field Wind Farm. This is a great boost for the prospects of the wind farm which will have an installed capacity of 96.6 MW made up of 46 Suzlon 2.1MW wind turbines.