The Battle in Seattle - Friday Night @ The Cleveland Intnl Film Festival

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Friday night I saw The Battle in Seattle, a film about the WTO meetings in Seattle.  It is a powerful look into the growing resistance to the WTO.  The film left my friends and I feeling that we really ought to know more about the pros and cons of the WTO considering how moved so many people are to action by the negitive impacts of the organization.

The story interweaves the plot lines of behind the scenes organizers of the major protests, the stress the mayor and governor are under to keep peace, the impact the protests have on the WTO, the WTO's shutting down of undesirable talks at the meeting, and the horrific instances of police brutality and the young protesters willingness to overcome in pursuit of the seemingly hundreds of causes or reasons to protest the WTO.

I give the film  'ten hundred million' stars (This is a language I learned from my daughter).  It was eye opening for sure.

See the Smartest People In The Room for more great film on this topic!

IMDB has to say the following on The Battle in Seattle

Activists arrive in Seattle, Washington en masse to protest a meeting of the World Trade Organization. Riots and chaos ensue as demonstrators successfully stop the WTO meetings.

Martin Henderson ... Jay
Woody Harrelson ... Dale
Charlize Theron ... Ella
André Benjamin ... Django
Michelle Rodriguez ... Lou
Rade Serbedzija ... Dr. Maric
Ray Liotta ... Mayor Jim Tobin
Ivana Milicevic ... Carla
Joshua Jackson ... Randall
Connie Nielsen ... Jean
Channing Tatum ... Johnson
Barbara Tyson ... Anna
Tobias Mehler ... Jonathan
Max Teichan ... Man / Father
Richard Ian Cox ... Mayor's Assistant

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Not having had the time to get to the indies, I appreciate and enjoy your humorous/serious reviews.   Thanks for grabbing the job of  covering about the only entertaining and fun things happening in NEO!    How'd you snag the assignment?

zee assignment

its education man.   our couch potatoe generation lives by movies, tv, you tube, etc.  Directors and producers are waking up and making films that can educate you when you dont even know it.