How to Bridge the Digital Divide

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squashing the digital divide

This is an old topic but the problem has not gone away. With economics becoming difficult to manage these days the digital  divide is widening. If you have a computer recycling program and the computers you receive still have life in them, use a Linux live-CD like the latest Ubuntu to test them. If they run pretty fair, install Linux and give them to folks who could use them. The computer might need memory and a Linux compatible modem for internet. If folks can get DSL then an ethernet card will do it. Now that the learning/teaching/communication tool with free and open source software is in place, that older computer lives on and people are connected.

Then what about extra software? As part of the upgrade install a DVD/CD rom player and have kindly local Linux user groups supply DVD's with the extra software so that folks with modems won't agonize over slow download speeds. If the computer has USB ports a large jump drive is cheaper than a DVD player, easier to use and is transportable.

How to teach folks about free and open source software is simple, video tutorials. Many are on YouTube or blog sites, are free to view, and download. Burn them to CD and distribute.

It might be a cool thing to invest and or donate funds to free and open source developers and to video tutorial makers to encourage continuation and sustainability.

"Remember your grassroots"