Email Spam - Sometimes a good thing

Submitted by William on Wed, 03/15/2006 - 20:29.

Hello all,


I had an interesting situation happen today.  I got an email from a lady in Texas who was trying to sell me on one of her clients who does public speaking.  Normally I would erase such email, but something in me decided to find out how this person found out about CAAO.   After sending a few emails back and forth, I found out this lady is very connected and she has agreed to help get some of the high-level national executives she has as clients to participate in the Executive Auction.


I wonder how many times I have missed opportunities because I didn't take the time to investigate.  Do you have a story of being spammed and actually creating an opportunity out of it?  Please share with the network.

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Do you know where SPAM comes from?

The word was coined as the winning entry in a 1937 competition to choose a name for Hormel Foods Corporation's "spiced meat" (now officially known as "SPAM luncheon meat"). Most relate the email abuse term SPAM to the Monty Python song "SPAM", but correspondant Bob White claims the modern use of the term predates Monty Python by at least ten years. He cites an editor for the Dallas Times Herald describing Public Relations as "throwing a can of spam into an electric fan just to see if any of it would stick to the unwary passersby."