Who Else Is Thinking PVC Free Is For Me?

Submitted by Zebra Mussel on Thu, 08/09/2007 - 20:04.


Just a little ditty I whipped up. (dont know why it wont display) When thinking for or against, its best to know the playing field.  Even better to know who is on what side.  Educated consumers can drive change.  We really like our hemp and cotton shower curtain. 



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No PVC for me so far...

I gotta be one of the only people putting new copper in East Cleveland, but when I went over the plumbing supply list... thinking of you, ZM... I said "I'm not into using PVC so get copper". Not much extra cost and very beautiful. But I still haven't decided about the green roof so you need to consult with me more on this.

Disrupt IT

Count me in

 Thanks to your list I will be living a little more PVC free. It was disappointing to find out that my car is not on that list, but it was encouraging to see how many companies/products are.

PVC - its recyclable!

Evelyn - the car's interiors are on the list.  From what I understand PVC wire insulation has the industry cornered.  The green builders I know who strive to keep PVC out consistantly find that they can not locate a non-pvc romex / household wiring.    As far as footware, note the Asics box in the background.  Yes that is my wife with the size 5's LOL!  Shes running in a marathon powered by PVC free shoes!   WOO WOO.

Tee-shirts are the real biggie.  Plastisol is some nasty stuff.  Again a PVC is the industry standard for another low tech application of a 70+ year old polymer.

PVC is recyclable.  Thats what the vinyl institute says.  The VI Environmental Education arm is based in Cleveland.  Say hello!!  I love their upcoming tradeshow name: Vinyl: Changing our future in a sustainable age!

Norm... any chance you could tell me how I can get that jpg up on the post?  


Also regarding PVC vs. copper, there are pros and cons with anything.   I used ABS in my home vs. pvc.   ABS has a lower densisty so it can be a bit less insulating for noise (water movement).    I am sure there are other downsides as well.

Copper is a highly prized recyclable by meth junkies all over I understand because of its value.  Granted its no platinum.    The eco and social impact LID so to speak was blown off the copper industry in 1997 on a little island called Bouganville in a far off place known as Papua New Guinea.    You see the natives on the island that comprised of one HUGE copper open pit strip mine noticed their fish dieing, and people getting sick.   From what I read, the govt in PNG is highly corrupt.   Anyhow the natives compliants fell on deaf ears.   So natives do what natives do...  they took up arms, overthrew the mining company, and shut the fucker down.

Unfortunatly, the PNG government as I understand was a bit thin on military at the time so in response they hired a little known company called Executive Outcomes.   Or maybe it was Sand Line.   It was one of the big 2 mercenary companies with their own helicopter gunships etc that get involved in wars mostly in Africa.

Anyhow, as you mighty imagine, the government contractors well... they eliminated the threat.  The mine is back in the aussie mining co's hands now.   After the mercinaries were brought in there was not a lot of press coverage.  I think all the islands native leaders went missing or something.

Heres a clip about it all:

A second major cause behind environmental degradation in Papua New Guinea is the mining industry. Some of these mining related issues were brought to light during the 1997 debacle caused when the government called in foreign mercenaries to end the decade-long uprising on Bouganville Island, a key copper producing site. The island, which is ecologically and geographically part of the Solomon Islands, bore environmental scars from ongoing mining operations which brought few benefits to the average local but polluted rivers and damaged adjacent agricultural lands. Mining had similar impacts on the main island of New Guinea. In the best known case, Australia/UK-based BHP Billiton paid indigenous peoples living along the Ok Tedi and Fly rivers $28.6m in an out-of-court compensation settlement for damages caused by mining operations. Reports from the field suggest that despite the payment, the mine is carrying on business-as-usual, dumping mine wastes into local rivers. Ok Tedi Mining Ltd., the company that operates the mine, has itself acknowledged that more than 200,000 hectares of rainforest could be affected by operations according to a report by the World Resources Institute.

The Papuan government has been slow to address mining pollution and associated deforestation due to the importance of mining for the national economy. PNG's rich mineral endowment, coupled with petroleum, accounts for 25% of GDP and 72% of export revenue.

and lastly I would look forward to drop by and consult  ;-)  I am out until thursday of next week.  I could drop by on thursday around lunch.  Ring my mobile or email me.