St. Justine the Forever Fundraiser

Submitted by mabeldog on Tue, 04/19/2022 - 08:59.
St. Justine the Forever Fundraiser

So the latest and greatest "concept" from St. Justine of the Perpetual Fundraising is the 15 minute "plan"where Cleveland the poorest city in America would suddenly have citizens within walking or cycling distance of everything they need. No cars allowed of course. The "vision" of the wealthy WHITE college educated left who followed the unconstitutional mandates and are STILL wearing masks. The MAJORITY of Justine's 36,000 voters. The 16% of Cleveland's voting population. The kind of people who disapprove of professional spectator sports, have NEVER attended an INDIANS game and yet who INSISTED on changing the 106 year old name of the team. Let's pretend Cleveland is Ross California, a tiny ocean front town with an average per capita income of $4 million and that ANY of this is possible outside of Little Italy, Ohio City, Tremont and maybe Westpark. Little corner stores would suddenly appear out of nowhere at the corner of Quincy and E 55 that sell specialty cheese and wine not stolen Simulac and loosies. In fact Cleveland USED TO BE a 15 minute city long ago before it was a "concept" dreamt up over zoom meetings by overpaid urban consultants. Back 100 years ago when there were real union jobs here. A GLARING and DELIBERATE omission from this wet dream of the childless wealthy atheist left, is CHURCHES. Neighborhoods of WORKING CLASS people built homes and credit unions and small businesses, ethnic stores and bakeries AND CHURCHES around the factories where they worked. There were also real jobs where REAL men and sometimes women got their hands dirty to support their families. Justine and his posse of overpaid underqualified sycophants better wake up. As the poorest city in America, Cleveland has REAL problems like crime and drugs and trash filled vacant lots and abandoned buildings filed with lead and poisonous chemicals. All over Cleveland's impoverished neighborhoods. Streets filled with dangerous potholes and missing street lights. Problems that are being largely ignored by this regime, as they drive cops screaming from the police force. And lurking on the horizon is the massive increase in homelessness that will come when the funny money from Uncle Joebama Xiden runs out and CMHA and CHN start evictions. EDEN of course the great protector of the homeless has ALREADY started evictions from their Permanent Supportive Housing handled by their ON STAFF attorney. So if the homeless set up their tents on W. 25th or W.14th they will be in walking distance of all the finest restaurants. So that's cool. And everyone is those neighborhoods will be just 15 minutes away from a carjacking.

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15 Minute Man

Where are these constantly solicited donations going ANYWAY? Has there EVER been a more shameless arrogant puppet with his claque of overpaid underqualified do nothing minions riding around in his black limo at the head of this ONCE GREAT CITY?? And why aren't they ALL traveling by green energy bicycles instead of riding around in a gas guzzling custom SUV pump mobile paid for by the taxpayers.