1948 Cleveland Indians World Series against the Boston Braves - last time Tribe has won

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Back in those days World series programs were not printed for each game - rather there was a pre-printed general program which was sold for 50 cents at the 3 Indian's home games.     

A friend of mine has one of the old programs - there are 2 pages in the program which contain the team rosters for the Indians and the Braves players - with scoring charts for the players inning by inning.      We figured out from the 1948 World Series wikipedia entry that this program was scored for Game 4 on October 9, 1948 at Cleveland Municipal Stadium.     Whoever had the program at the game - looks like probably a young person from the penciled in scoring - shows that there was a home run by the Indians in inning 3 and by the Braves in inning 7 - which matches the scoring in the wikipedia entry linked above.  

Chief Wahoo hasn't prevailed at the World Series since.    Full page advertizer Republic Steel is gone,  as is Erin  Brew Beer, and Municipal Stadium.     Sachel Paige has made a bit of progress. 

A ticket to the "upper reserve" at Municipal Stadium for game 4 cost $6.25 - that's about $478 dollars today.    


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