22nd International Folk Festival-One World

Submitted by lmcshane on Sun, 06/26/2011 - 17:56.

I have lived in NEO for most of my life and somehow this annual event was not on my radar. 

After a week of gloomy weather, the rain lifted and the sunshine and clouds almost stole the show--the dancing acts were entertaining, despite a difficult seating and stage arrangement.

Cleveland feels like a cosmopolitan place when we get together for events like the International Folk Festival.  I will write more here on attracting immigrants and the differences between refugee and H1 status for new residents to NEO.  I learned that there are three organizations serving refugees:  the International Service Center, Hebrew US Together and Catholic Charities Migration and Refuge Services.

Shutterbugs were especially enjoying the day--including a doctor visiting from John Hopkins--we rode the Healthline today and compared our two cities.  It is very enlightening to see a city through the eyes of an immigrant--the doctor was from China.

 Here is the dance line up you missed, if you did not attend today :)


CWRU, CMA, Clinic and wayfinding

The doctor from China, on a self-guided tour of Cleveland sights---saw the beautiful lake in front of our world-famous art museum and commented that the CWRU campus was amazing.  I noted to him that it was technically not part of the CWRU campus, but that it should be considered as such.  We both felt sad to see only a few people strolling around the lake when it should attract students and families for picnics, jogging and sun-bathing.

The doctor also asked me to identify the center of CWRU's campus and I could not do it.  We walked down to the Clinic-another stop on his tour, and we were able to identify the center of the Clinic campus--now that the reflection pond has created a center axis there.

So, overall, there is a greater need to identify our institutions--and, we definitely need "you-are-here moments" and better landmark designation.

The doctor rattled off some of the sites that he had missed on this short visit, and I was thrilled to note that Sokolowski's University Inn was on his list: He will get VIP treatment and face-time with Bernie, Mary and Mike, on his next trip!  He said he was so hungry he could eat an elephant! Well, we can fix that :)  Next time!

After, the doctor and I rode the Healthline downtown, so he could catch the Redline to the airport.  As I left Tower City--who should I run into, but Cleveland's premier tour guide--Karl Johnson!

I would say that Karl is the best tour guide and I am second best !