further update on land development surrounding treehouse

Submitted by tremontsoul on Tue, 05/18/2010 - 09:56.

Both long stayed and new residents as well as businesses interest and support for creating a green scape proposed by me for the the property is very high. I feel that this is the most appropriate and positive solution that would benefit all equally without sacrificing additional parking spaces. Creating a huge tar surface with a sea of vehicles (even with some landscaping) right in the center of such a beautiful and historic district would be unconscionable. not to mention going in  direct opposition of the beuatification programs that were initially geared towards the main district.

Since we are pursuing this effort for our property and the community Treehouse has now erected posts with a no trespass signage on our property at the only vehicular entrance we have - effectively barred us from accessing or using our property.

I do not think the residents support this type of action. I would also assume that the councilman as well as TWDC do not support this type of action?

There is a block meeting that will be held at 850 jefferson with the councilman as well as representatives from different law aspects of the city on may 25th at 6:30 pm. I feel that any comments or recommendation and opinions would be well recieved here.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated


From what I hear your plans are great

From what I hear your plans are great - and you seem to have been very open and decent in your approach to everything - a model of civility. I look forward to seeing some drawings - do you have anything down on paper?

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jfatremont-has a point, but that does not mean that the Treehouse is entitled to take property owned by the Gernaga family.  The same rationale was applied to Frank Giglio, Desiree Schmit and Tom Bell--and documented here, ad nauseum.

I asked before, if a fair price has been offered for the lot owned by the Gernaga family.  Jerleen has provided a history to this property.  I lived in Tremont for seven years in the nineties and I can attest to the fact that the property, now the Treehouse, was dilapidated and boarded up before the Lenaghans purchased it and renovated it.  Their significant investment in the property is to be commended.  But, again, that does not entitle them to take the adjacent property. 

There is a block meeting that will be held at 850 jefferson with the councilman as well as representatives from different law aspects of the city on may 25th at 6:30 pm. 

I am sorry to be so flip with my comments-before.  I hope that the owners of both properties  will be at the block club and can reach a peaceful settlement.  This is not an easy case to take sides on.

I want investment in my neighborhood, too--not abandonment.  With investment comes higher property values and higher taxes.  Tremont was walled off by I-90, forgotten and left to rot.  This is happening to the entire east side, especially the "forgotten triangle." 

All so, "investors" can secretly buy up the land at rock bottom prices...waiting until taxpayers pay to provide access via a bridge (Abbey Rd. bridge rekindled Tremont) or an access ramp or an "Opportunity Corridor."  The profiteers make out.  I am sick of this parasitic cycle.



As of yesterday, the subject

As of yesterday, the subject of the Tree House was taken off the May 25, block club agenda.  The Tree House owners withdrew their BOZA Appeal and are planning on making a new application.  The matter is now tentatively scheduled for the June 22 meeting.

The building was indeed boarded up for abit and it was no doubt an old building - like most of the other buildings in this community.  I'm sure you also remember that the property surrounding the Tree House was fenced off - and posted - both the fencing and the signs mysteriously disappeared.

And yes, I do believe that the three parcel lot was offered for sale in it's entirety for fair market value.   I guarantee that if TWDC could get it for a buck they'd jump on  the bandwagon.  Somebody should check into how much property they've acquired for "development." 

Here's the part that's really ticking me off - this long time Tremont family (a mother and her children) are kind and generous enough to offer up their property for beautification and possibly design some type of out-door art exhibit and all of a sudden they're the bad guys.  Do you think that people would be happier if another bar was put in that spot?

The facts are that this is privately owned property.  The owners have been responsible enough to hire a caretaker, were well liked and well thought of when they owned the meat store, have stood up and fought (won) for their property rights in the court system and they should be commended for their offer which would benefit the entire community.

The fact that her son grew up, became an architect and decided to move to Chicago is so irrelevant.  That's what people's kids do. 

All of the residents who know Olga and her family are thrilled that they're considering this idea and I can assure you, they have a lot of back up and support.



It's not like the internet is as lawless as Tremont

Don't let the trolls kill your sprit... just kill the trolls - they aren't allowed here - you keep thinking like this is a realNEO person - this is a corporation trolling to cause harm - a criminal on realNEO - trolls had better watch out where they troll, and stay away from the coop owned realNEO... when you break laws the authorities may come looking for you

It's not like the internet is as lawless as Tremont.

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I don't know much about trolls but what I do know is that the words and phrases used in jfatremont's post is almost verbatim to the language used in discussions I've had with certain individuals just in the past few weeks on this very subject.

As soon as I read it, I remembered exactly where, when and with whom those conversations took place. 


All I care is they are not allowed here

All I care is they are not allowed here - I can avoid where they hang out in public

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Amen to that. But sometimes

Amen to that.

But sometimes they're like wolves - they come in sheeps clothing.

property usage


thank you for your notations. greatly appreciated.

After some serious thought with the direction of our property, there is no intent to sell at this time. We feel that usage of this for the betterment of the community at this time would be the most beneficial as well as positive undertaking rather then selling and having it turned into something that would be an eysore for the community. Down the road we can look at revisiting plans for development that again would be beneficial and positive for the neighborhood rather than acting like a hungry and greedy wolf as many developers tend to be. My personal belief and business model is based on sustainable and cradle to cradle design and development-- so this is were I feel it will be a win win situation. 
Even a feather in the councilmans hat as well as TWDC, especially for greenscaping.


absentee land owner


Tremontsoul…an ironic name for someone who lives in Chicago and has not lived in Tremont for as long as anyone can remember. I have had the displeasure of reading your slanderous and defaming postings about the Treehouse. Some might say that you should be thanking the many businesses like the Treehouse for increasing your property value. Some might say you should be thankful for the commercial and residential success of Tremont as you would probably have a land bank valued property at best. Where have you and your family been these many years? Where have you been when the many businesses have shoveled your walk ways to ensure that we can walk safely and wheelchair residents and our eldery could get through? Where have you been when the many businesses have landscaped and cleaned the trash off your property for years so the main street of our neighborhood doesn’t look plighted as you go about your daily life in Chicago? You sir are a prime example of an absentee land owner and you should be ashamed of yourself for not apologizing to the residents and business owners of our neighborhood for how you have treated your property and conducted yourself after decades of hiding.
We think the landscape sculpture garden is a great idea but, will you be back before 2020 to maintain it?
As you go to bed tonight in Chicago, think about how you would feel if we bought some land in your Chicago neighborhood and abandoned it for decades only to re emerge when it is fiscally beneficial to you. How would you feel?

Absentee realNEO troll

The next Tremont troll to attack on realNEO... probably working and living in Strongsville.

I guess our spam filter WAS right about you.

Bars make the neighborhood or drunks in bars make the neighborhood, or taxpayers make the neighborhood. Has Termontsoul paid his taxes - is he in violation of anything - who do you work for?

Not trusted any more - want to identify yourself or are you afraid tremont soul will haunt you from Chicago?

Back to cleveland.com for you...

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caring land owner

I would like to clear up some misinformation you may have been under.

1. A third party we hired has been maintianing the property for all these years. No one else has

2. trash, trucks, mounds of land debris have been left and deposited on our land by treehouse owners - which was left for us to clean up -- by doing so they diminish property value not increase.

3. bottle and beer trash and other trash have been dumped by patrons of treehouse - which was left for us to clean up -- by doing so they diminish property value not increase.

4. chainlink fencing that we finally put up to stop this abuse had been torn down 3x which the courts found treehouse responsible for since we had to hire a PI and film the actaul destruction of the fence- please check the public records

5. Vehicles parked illegally are treehouse (leneghan) owned and their patrons (9 years of documented photos and videos) this creates the illusion of abandoned property. This also begets loud noise and dangerous situations for the neighbors -- by doing so they diminish property value not increase.

thank you (jfatremont) for noticing how well we have been taking care of our property; making sure wheelchair residents and elderly can get through, picking up potentially dangerous debris from treehouse patrons and finally keeping the property mowed and pleasant looking. I commend your watchful eye (even if it's from Bay Village) and highly encourage your continued vigilence, especially when you see damage or trash or patron parking on our property that would diminish its value as well as create blight for the neighborhood.




A review of the court's docket in Cuyahoga County case number CV-00-403783, in re: OLGA GERNAGA vs. TREEHOUSE RESTAURANT ET AL, shows:




A judgment of $11,488 should be enough of a deterrent to most people to learn an expensive lesson.

What is most important to note in this judgment is that PUNITIVE DAMAGES were awarded. 

Punitive damages is a form of 'punishment' that is awarded when the court finds that the defendant's conduct is so outrageous that their conduct warrants additional damages.

legal defintion: punitive damages, exemplary damages, smart money ((law) compensation in excess of actual damages (a form of punishment awarded in cases of malicious or willful misconduct))

With that being said, I find it extremely troubling that the defendant, Tree House, would continue to engage in willful and malicious conduct after the fact that the court has already 'punished' them once. 

I guarantee that if a judgment on a second lawsuit alleging the same facts was granted, the defendants would be 'punished' more severly since the original punishment issued by the court was not enough of a deterrent to stop the defendant's willful misconduct.

As far as people owning property in Cleveland that live out of the city, state, or even out of the country, this is AMERICA.  They are entitled to own whatever they can afford to buy and maintain.

One question for you, Tremontsoul, and not that it has any bearing on your property rights, but you have asked for support and comments, so I believe that we are entitled to know the answer.

Have you discussed selling your property to Treehouse or anyone else?   If so, was the offer not enough or is this simply a case of you wanting to keep people from trespassing on your property?

Something does not seem right with this ordeal and the facts would be appreciated.

a decade of ordeal to be coming to an end soon

Over the years that question has surfaced. In the past several entities have approached and stated interest in purchasing our property. We have never closed the door in doing so. The fact is whenever we were approached and then stated we would consider any fair market value offer, needless to say was never heard from again. Some of the entities were treehouse, twdc, chic holtcamp and others.

We also were open to leasing the land. Several lease proposals which I had generated, and still have filed, also follow the same guidelines of fair market value. Needless to say we had not heard from them (treehouse, chic holtcamp and others) since.

During all this period the property had been used by the leneghans (foto documented over 9 years) as well as their patrons without any permission from us. Several times when I had been in town and wanted to enjoy tremont and park on my family property, I was unable due to the treehouse patrons as well at several points due to trucks and debris from the construction trucks and bobcats that were there owned/rented by the leneghans.

Over the years several times we asked them to remove the vehicles and trash from our property- they did (sometimes) only to come back and have all that back.

they removed 2 chain-link fences we paid to have installed (not once but 3x) at the driveway as well as at the middle property where they have gates from their property opening unto our property. They never replaced them as they were ordered.

You are correct, even after the court order of cease and desist, they continued.

Several years ago proposed a green/business/residential/parking development (included solar, wind and water reclamation) for that property to city council- bob kaiser, nora mcnmara, rick fisher and others, they found it to be too progressive. Since then the economy as we all know has made significant hardships for any sort of development. At this point in time any sale of our property is out of the question. The reason being that many of the powers that have come to light for the purpose of interest in our property, would not be advantageous to any party especially the neighborhood. Being a green and environmentally conscious person and business I feel that a green scape, which we are moving forward on would be the best benefit for all concerned. Families, neighborhood, businesses, tourism, public relations, and the environment. A model for inner city development.

Chicago is in the forefront of this, being here I have learned so much and am very proud to see the benefits. If the council and politics are true to what they want from Cleve as far as this venue, I feel extremely positive this would be  a bandwagon they would want to get behind and fervently support since it will add many points to their constituents which they want to maintain.

I hope this sheds some light and clarification on several fronts.

I have also been trying to find a patio permit for the second patio they have (the old parking flat) and i only can find a permit for the first patio. Is there another area that permits are filed?


No there is no permit for

No there is no permit for the second patio.  That space was  required by BOZA to be an off-street parking facility.  I also believe that The Storefront Renovation  Program funded the construction of the parking lot.

Dear alias

The fact that you are not telling us who you are says a lot.

Residents in the area tell a different story than you do.

This is about the rights of a property owner to access, use, and develop his property. His concerns went to court, and he won. Yet it has started again.

To me, it is simple. It is tremontsouls property. Not yours, not mine, and not the Treehouse. The Treehouse needs to stop acting as if it is an extension of its own property. The Treehouse, as a business, should understand that any development undertaken can adversely impact adjacent property.

I do not think that you have really any claim to the absentee issue as the family still lives in Tremont. Tremontsoul is the spokesperson, and thanks to the internet, he can speak from anywhere.

Be nice if you were to be a real man or woman and use your real name so we know who we are talking to on realneo. Otherwise, there is a tendency to automatically discount anything that you write, so if you have something of significance, then use your name and lay out your facts.

Governance Committee - Kill The Troll

Governance Committee - Kill The Troll

How do we do that?

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justiceforalltremont - SHAME

justiceforalltremont - SHAME ON YOU!

Are you aware that tremontsoul's family were the owners of the Tree House property before it was sold to the Leneghans.  Most of the long-time residents knew tremontsoul's family and were/are their loyal friends and customers. 

Decades of hiding?  It has not been DECADES since she sold the building that became the Tree House.  Tremontsoul's mother (who actually owns the property) is still a regular member of St. Peter and Paul Ukranian Church right here on College Avenue.  For years she has come early every Sunday morning to cut pastry.  His sister drives through the neighborhood at least once a week checking on things. 

Let's talk about shoveling the ice and snow.  Come on, we live in Cleveland.  You know very well that in this city, you can be sued for shoveling your sidewalk should someone fall.  If you don't touch it, it's considered an act of God.

Now, let's address the matter of wheelchairs - that's a good one.  Can you tell me how many of these swanky establishments offer handicap accessibility/parking.  Out of all the beer joints and restaurants in this entire business district, there are four (4) handicap parking spaces in the whole dang community.  This entire community discriminates against the handicapped - even TWDC.  Who ever heard of a community organization keeping the door locked with the buzzer 5' or more  upon the outside of the door.  Clearly a deterent for those who must rely on a wheelchair to get around?

The Loop on West 11th, gets kudos for considering those with disabilities before they opened for business.  There is one handicap space in front of Scoops on Professor and, they did include two in the new bioswale parking lot last summer. 

How about let's take a walk around the community.  Better yet, why don't you try navigating in a wheelchair.  Especially a manual one.  These disabled citizens are put in hazardous situations each and every time they attempt to maneuver around all the tables, chairs, railings, bags of trash, boxes and patrons obstructing our public sidewalks.  Wheelchairs can easily tip over, especially the manual ones, when forced to drop off the sidewalk onto the soft grass and dirt.  What about those who suffer from weak upper body strength?  Do you have any idea what kind of burden and stress that puts on a disabled individual?  What about the narrow space left on the outside of the "sidewalk cafes?"  One little slip or miss calculation and a poor disabled person in a wheelchair could tip right over and off the sidewalk in front of a moving car/truck - not to mention the injuries/death they'd sustain as a result of the fall.

The U.S. Justice Department, Civil Rights Division (ADA) needs to make a swipe through here and do some adjusting - even file a civil suit in Federal Court against the City of Cleveland for continuing to hand out such permits allowing the business owners to obstruct the public right of ways.  In 1990, the ADA passed legislation and provided guidelines preventing the discrimination of those suffering from physical/mental/blind impairments.

This is not to mention parents pushing strollers, pulling wagons or even grocery carts.

Cleaning trash off the property.  I happen to know that these property owners has for years hired and paid a third party to mow the grass, and clean up pizza boxes, beer bottles and other flying trash that is left every weekend.

It's a pretty generous offer for this family to consider turning their prime property into a beautiful green space for the entire community to enjoy. 

Is this how you treat an old time member of this community?  I don't know how many of you remember, but tremontsoul's dad made the best smokies around.  

Mrs. Gernaga was a well respected and well liked business owner on the corner of Professor and College for many years.  Everybody in the neighborhood shopped at her meat store.  She was kind enough to offer credit to people who needed a little something to carry them over. 

I can't believe that this lady who is a stakeholder and has ties to the community would be treated in such a fashion.

I am really ticked off.






You should see what the trolls have done to my family

You should see what the trolls have done to my family


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Moment of Clarity

Chicagosoul.......do you use google earth to find out if your property if mowed or shoveled? we have never seen you around. i just drove by your property and it is over grown with weeds. do you use miracle grow as this is the fastest growing weeds in the history of weed growing!

im sure the many people who slip and fall would like to know the  company's name you use that maintains your property in the winter time when your property is a sheet of ice.

plus do you even own this property? the mailing address is for a home in Brunswick another address not in the City of Cleveland?

Are you falsly representing the property the same as you continue to defame and legally damage  the businesses of Tremont with your lies?

There are allot of neighbors that are looking forward to meeting you(if you are the owner) at the block club meeting so they can share thier displeasure with the way you have been maintaining your property for years then you will see that the three people defending you on this one sided blog will be the minority voice.




jfatremont - are you picking for a fight?

I too drove around the neighborhood today and I saw a lot of grass a little taller - you know all the rain we've had over the past few days. 

You do know that "google earth" images are often several years old.

I can vouch for tremontsoul.  His mother and sister came to our April OSS meeting at St. John Cantius Church. 

I am also a member of that block club and plan on being present.

This family is no different than all the up-scale business owners in Tremont living somewhere else. - like Bay Village and Solon, Shaker Square, etc.  Would it make you happy if his mother and sister pitched a tent - after all it is a vacant lot.

The gist of the situation is:  This property belongs to tremontsoul and his family.   This is par for the course, an attempt  to run another long-time Tremonter away from the neighborhood.     

You know it takes a coward and a bully to pick on sweet little ole ladies and being nasty is not winning you any prizes.   






I'll come get that on video for you

I'll come get that on video for you.

How will I know you to make sure we get your position on camera, along with your neighbors.

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a moment of thanks

JFAtremont thank you for your humour - it is well appreciated

seeds of deceit

Justicefortweedlddeeandtweeledum, why are you hiding? Is it because your sole purpose is to disrupt? That meets my definition of trolldom. I say that you either come out with you are, or we bust you. Bust you right outta here.

So the campaign of deceit again. Was the BZA meeting rescheduled to allow time for a campaign of deceit against Mrs. Gernaga? As to the block club meeting,  are they organizing to beat up on an elderly woman and spread more deceit?


The Old South Side market was the first neighborhood store that I was allowed to walk to with friends as a kid. I do have fond memories of the family that ran it. 

It is a shame that this is happening, and they will need to return to court to work this out as BZA is just one process. My question is how did it go from the Councilman, TWDC, etc, saying no to the idea to it being back on the BZA agenda and the Grenaga family as owners now being refused access by treehouse to their property? Is this not theft?

Since treemont soul and family own the property, and are offering it for the betterment of the area, what is the problem?

treehouse is requesting a variance that even if BZA allows may not premissible and can be overturned.

Does anyone have any of the old court records and can get them posted, as they may set some light.




These Trolls make Tremont seem evil

Every time a troll attacks someone about Tremont, we have to go and dig up lots of dirty facts and Tremont looks bad - and realNEO gets blamed.

Can we first of all have a GOVERNANCE meeting or process to allow proper execution of trolls before they can grow at all here - with some legal legs for prosecution?!?!

And can you trolls get it through in your minds this is not cleveland.com, we do not allow anonymous haters, and if you post here you must stand behind your words as an individual, and be accountable. If you will not do that, you will be killed for cause.

So who are you Justicefortweedlddeeandtweeledum - tick tick tick

See you at your block meeting with video camera regardless - gather your little troll troops

When and where is the meeting?

Disrupt IT

I do believe these are all

I do believe these are all intimidation tactics.  Talk about putting a blight on Tremont's trendy award winning hospitality venue.  Have you ever seen or heard of somebody stooping so low.  All this individual is accomplishing is showing their ignorance and drumming up more support for Olga and her family.  

Not to worry.  That old saying:  "sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me."  This family served this community well for many years.  When my mom was out working two or three jobs to feed and keep a roof for ten kids, she would make arrangements with Mrs. Gernaga to allow the kids to go to her store and purchase food and she would pay for it later.

As far as the posts and signage put on the property, the property belongs to the Gernaga family and everybody in the community knows it - so there's no way anybody can prevent the owners from going on their own property.  





his style of writing is familiar

but I am not sure that I would waste time on him. We here know that he is spouting nonsense. The more dangerous work is why is he and for whom does he do this? What lies are being told to residents and placed in their heads? Where does he live? even in Cleveland?



I have no doubt the sustainazis are behind this

I have no doubt the sustainazis are behind this - they know the enviropunks are busting heads

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Did you no wrong

There'll Always Be An England
Live From Brixton Academy 10.11.2007
The 30th Anniversary of Never Mind The Bollocks
Directed by Julien Temple

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Good Morning Chicago


Chicagosoul......its gonna be a great weekend weather wise in Chicago. Saturday is Sunny and 75 and Sunday is Sunny and 85.

Enjoy the weather!

good morning, justice in Bay Village

Now I remember who you are! You enjoy yourself in Bay! You do not live in Tremont, but you have  "interest" there. 


it might be handy

 to preserve this thread as a clarification of what "troll" is.