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Submitted by Jeff Buster on Fri, 12/03/2010 - 22:22.


image jeff buster dog scrathes wood door happy to go outside 
Tucker (the dog) knows exactly what time of day it is.  Must have a clock in his head.
And though he is very patient, he has his way of letting you know you are overdue.
The door was flawless before Tucker.  But I like it more now.  
Enthusiasm is something I find intoxicating and endearing.  Yes, when you were younger enthusiasm could be deadly.   
Scratch, SCRATCH, SCRAAATCH…time to gooooooo!


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when yogi met tucker yogi didn't want tucker to leave and tell

when yogi met tucker yogi didn't want tucker to leave and jeff tell about tucker when in canada you were going to go to an island by your self and tucker wouldn't let you go as he was warning you and you toke em with you or tucker swam to the island


 I recently painted over a

 I recently painted over a door with the scratches Max made, and found myself engaged insome of the sentimental thoughts you expressed, touched with sadness since his death in October. However, while sanding and painting over the rusted blotch on the bottom half of the steel coated back door where Max would occasionally relieve himself when he didn't feel like going through the trouble of asking to be let out... Well, the nostalgia was not nearly as sweet.  I miss my big boy so much. (My eyes are leaking a little right now while typing this) We are planning on adopting another doberman in the spring. Hopefully the next one will be a good traveler. Max couldn't ride anywhere in the car with me without losing his last meal all over the seat : ) 

Dog memories

Hi Mary Beth--great to see that you still visit REALNEO.  Better days ahead, I hope. Drupal has potential to make the world a better place.  Syracuse schools use Drupal :)


Sorry to here that MBM,

No doubt, the things our pets do that drive us crazy tend to be the things that remind us the most of the little stinkers.  My parents had a dog, (they got it for my brother who had a GBM).  Mom always griped about Dakota's node prints on the back window.  For years she cursed when she cleaned the windows every week.  When dakota died, the last nose print stayed on the window for months before mom finally removed them.  Tucker and Max left a physical memory you'll always cherish.