AC/DC, Tesla and Edison in Brooklyn Centre

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Photo voltaic cells on the roof of Fire Station #20 in Brooklyn Centre

It's more than a band--it's the War of the Currents.  My architect friend stopped in the library yesterdayand gave me a crash course in how electricity distribution works.

I can't say I understand it all--but the upshot? If we had gone along with Edison's DC system, according to the architect friend--we would have a better system for the distribution of electricity generated by photovoltaic cells.

So, let the debate begin here.  I didn't have a chance to see the whole system in operation at Fire Station #20, one of this year's Green Ohio Solar Tour stops, but here are my photos taken on a cloudy day. 

My architect friend explained that photovoltaics have a better efficiency return than wind in NEO--supplying 20% of the station's energy needs is not a bad return.  So, I made my pitch to Bill Egers with the City of Cleveland's Office of Sustainability. 

Please make Brooklyn Centre the demonstration neighborhood for photovoltaic energy in Cleveland!

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Solar incentives

  Will Parma put NEO on the solar map??

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Those pics of Brooklyn

Those pics of Brooklyn Centre pull at the heartstrings and conjure thoughts of a wise-assed city kid heading home from junior high in Old Brooklyn, choosing to walk over the zoo and sneak a smoke (who needs CTS on a day like this?).  Should I stop at the Y for some b-ball?  Hit the pool? 

Do I take the 18 at Denison?  (Look out for the Holy Namers!)  Or keep going down to Trowbridge and hop the 81?  Hey, Jimmy let's walk and have another think your old man's gonna leave ya at the Jones Home? 

Of course, the blocks didn't have a cutesy name spelled in "olde" English back then.  They were just safe.  The schools worked.  So did the families with rare exception.  It was a pretty simple formula. 

And today, ladies and gentlemen, what do you prescribe for the Urban Cure?  Ideas?..........Anyone?