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I believe that this photo says it better than all my words to date.... Get off your American Asses and act like you got some backbones. Stop being weak, vulnerable, weasels who are dependent on your FAILED LEADERSHIP for direction. Stop sitting around on your behinds waiting for the next person to do the right thing. Start doing the right thing.... Be the leader, be the change you desire, and be the motivating factor to all around you. God Bless The USA.... ....or at least go to the post office and order up your passport so you can take your un-American behind somewhere else. Just saying. I found this photo today being distributed around Facebook by Uncle Sam's Misguided Children.

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God Bless our Veterans and Service Members and their families!

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!

Always Appreciative,

Memorial Day 2013


Thank you Madame Executive (I refuse to acknowledge FitzGerald in this capacity :) - I agree we could use a lot more self-reliance and exercise of the values we hold dear especially on Memorial Day.  

I try to stay informed. It depresses me to put myself in the position of tracking public officials.  But, it should be a birthright we pass on to our kids - it's a trust that has been broken.  Marc Munroe Dion's Goodbye Democracy was reprinted in today's Plain Dealer.  Will it make an impact?  I hope so.

Over a year ago,  Cityweaver signed on to REALNEO - I hope she is making some strides - please link to your posts here. How do we make ourselves heard??


They won't wake up, step up, and make a positive difference....other than to join the politicos who are abusing our community at large for their own survival.

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