Alfredo Arreguin: Universal Patterns

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Alfredo Arreguin: Universal Patterns

AlfredoArreguin: Universal Patterns


October 10, 2008 – January 31, 2009


SpecialOpenings on Friday, October 10th from 5:30-9 pm

and Saturday,October 11th from 1-5 pm



This will be the first timeAlfredo Arreguin has exhibited in the Cleveland region.  He was born in Michoacan, Mexico in1935,

and has lived and worked in the Seattle, Washington area since 1956. 

Alfredo is regarded asAmerica’s premiere “Pattern Painter” and is honored to have numerous paintings

in collections around the United States and Mexico. 


“Arreguin’s intricate andbrilliantly colored canvases are informed by the memories of Mexican cultureand natural landscape

as well as the environment and the animals of the PacificNorthwest. 

The hypnotic and meditativepatterns found within his paintings are based upon pre-Aztec images, Mexicantiles,

or purely geometric and optical patterns.


Alfredo Arreguin’spictorial works inhabit an elusive zone that lies between the real and themarvelous, between dream and wakefulness. 

All that is magic, the ungraspable, acquires, shape, form and color onhis canvases. 

Yet mystery neverceases; something always remains hidden there.

Thematically and aesthetically,Arreguin’s art establishes a beautiful and harmonious bridge that connects humanexperience

with the dreams and concerns of individuals from diverse cultures.”


From AlfredoArreguin: Patterns of Dreams and Nature, by Lauro Flores


Kokoon Arts Gallery

1305 West 80thStreet

William Scheele




Open Thursdays, Fridays& Saturdays 1–5 pm

or by Appointment




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