Amy Goodman interviews Harvard Professor and member of Physicians for a National Healthcare Program (video)

Submitted by Eternity on Wed, 11/11/2009 - 11:24.

Max Eternity - Substantiating the very reason why Ohio Representative Dennis Kucinich and other progressives voted against the Democrats' recently passing Healthcare Bill in the House of Representatives, Harvard professor and member of Physicians for a National Healthcare Program, Dr. Steffie Woolhandler, states that "single-payer" is the real solution to the problem, not the watered down "public option."  Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! interviewed Dr. Woolhandler, where within the overall dialog about the healthcare crisis, Woolhandler acknowledges that more than 60% of the bankruptcies in the US come as a direct consequence of medical bills. Also stating that more veterans die from lack of healthcare than from lives lost in the ongoing Middle East wars and occupations. Woolhandler also went on to say that the current bill amounts to a giveaway to the private healthcare [insurance] companies, that its a tremendous setback for women's rights, as the bill makes a direct assault against a woman's right to choose in regards to reproductive rights. Click image below to watch video @ Democracy Now!

another great interview

by the great Amy Goodman.

It certainly puts things in perspective. We should be ashamed of the society we have created and continue to support.

Complacency and death-grip of a half-assed democracy

My thoughts exactly Debra, and yet this is what one gets when a nation becomes dumbed down and mired in misinformation and complacency.  I can understand why some voted for the bill, but I also understand why others voted against it.  Because in many respects, it's foul, with just today it coming out that because of Obama's back-room deal with Big Pharma, drug [dealers] companies are sure to get an increase in profits over the next four years in excess of $130,000,000,000. 

Is that "change we can believe in?"

In our half-assed democracy, it seems we find ourselves once again , as a nation, caught in the death-grip of a very evil form of cut-throat capitalism, which rewards the greedy for being greedier.  And while I applaud Obama, Nancy Pelosi and others for the small increments of change that they have made, but it's a far cry from the "Yes We Can" rhetoric of last year, and an even further cry from what we were told would happen.

People tend to think that all the Africans in America who were forced to be slaves--for half a millenia-- wanted to break free and experience egalitarian liberty.  But that's not true, as over time some had grown comfortable miserable with plantation life.  Need I say more?

So just as a litmus test, if one takes it at face value that Amy Goodman and Dr. Woolhandler (in the abive video) are Progressives, what does that make Obama?  And if Conservatives in the UK, Europe and Canada and elsewhere support single-payer healthcare for all their citizens, but so-called "Liberals" in the US are willing to throw single-payer under the bus, what does that say about how extremely far-right this suppossed Jesus-lovin' Christian nation really is?

Honest is the best policy, so let's just keep it real.