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Mark Naymik has an editorial today and has solicited tweets from key council folk like Joe Cimperman meant to make him feel like a hardball reporter...insane. 

The same old patronage system will come apart.  Sweeney will NOT win reelection and he should RETIRE now, too - before the feds (hopefully) make him give up his ill-begotten PERS pension. (Despite my disdain for double-dippers, Ken Johnson gets points for keeping his constituents happy and for funding services like snowplowing sidewalks in his neighborhood).

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PD endorsed Sweeney...RETIRE Sweeney

Comments to Mr. Naymik re: Ken Johnson double dipping

 Mr. Naymik doesn't pull punches with his opinion that Mr. Johnson needs to retire. Period.   And I find it refreshing that Mr. Naymik is heckling Joe Cimperman for a response.   I bet Mark N knows he is out of Advance, and is pulling out the stops before he goes.  And Mark, while you are at it, ask Joe if he started his own house on fire (accidentally) with his BBQ propane grill on the second floor wood porch.  No report that I am aware of was released by Alcohol Tabacco or the Cleveland Fire Department with the cause of the fire. 

Sweeny is dirt.  

Image from2008  Amp Ohio council passage report here on Realneo

Here are the DDealer comments as of the time of this comment:   ( The comments are clickable behind a # at the left hand side of the Dealer article.   There were 85 comments as of a moment ago.    I tried to bring them over to Realneo, but there are images and other stuff which screws it up.   

Dust up over Ken Johnson

PD's indignation over Ken Johnson's appointment is typical of their collusive behavior.  Afterall, why don't they lambast Martin Sweeney?  He is the evil part of this equation.

The underlying Rokakis-Frangos land bank real estate games in this town deserve scrutiny, but it seems it will never happen and it is drives the demographic shift in school availability.  The schools and the ward redistribution will affect the distribution of new charter schools--Expect Lincoln West to be the next charter school for the Cleveland Plan.  And, Lincoln is in Brian Cummins ' ward, where he is still the councilman most likely to be eliminated since he only won with 1500 votes and those votes were primarily in the area described as Brooklyn Centre.  He will most likely lose what's left of that area to the despicable Anthony Brancatelli.

Frankly, I don't have respect for any of the council folk.  Joe Cimperman has tried to redeem himself in many ways, but this last vote shows just how cowed these council folk are by the Democratic machine (read the mob) that still calls the shots in this town.   We deserve what we get.  Why on earth do voters continue to put these low-level mobsters back in office? Why??

Angie Schmitt, Joe Baur and Erick Trickey say...


GET RID OF SWEENEY !!!!!!!!!!!



Plain Dealer soft pedals Martin Sweeney - after demo of John Marshall High School - major contract rigged by Martin Sweeney??

Where are the receipts Martin Sweeney????...PD could have pressed issue much sooner....

WE deserve this mess for electing these fools...

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Jim Jones
Mike white's cousin jeffrey patterson at CMHA has been awarded with a 3 year contract for his corruption work when he was employed by his cousin mike as his HR Director at the city. Patterson illegally moved staff into position without using civil service guidelines. Then patterson was hired by another one of mikes corrupt former staff terri hamilton brown, the wife of corrupt womenizing darmell brown. He worked for mike and now frank jackson. Jeffrey patterson is now over at cmha awarding contracts to companies that were in the county mess. Now you can see jeffrey patterson smiling with his solar panels at the new corrupt cmha headquarters that patterson, George Phillips and frank jackson built. It's all a "hot mess" they all should be removed!! 

FranK Jackson and his administration along with this city council group is just as bad as the county "cartel" fiasco. Police shootings, a staff double dipping, staff with all sorts of sexual investigation, council members sweeney with home renovation by the same contractors who were the cause of the "county boys" being locked up. Lets also not forget former councilwoman Saber Pierce Scott who was Frank Jackson's last campaign manager, Scott is now awaiting sentencing for her guilty plea with her bribe dealings. Don't forget her husband Randy Scott l,Director under Frank Jackson. I could go on and on, the point is this is an election year and we can do something faster than the Feds. We can vote these corrupted fake leaders out within 10 months. The Frank Jackson regime is the worst in city history. FACT!!!

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