Apple iPad - The ultimate web browsing experience, or is it?

Submitted by Phillip Williams on Sun, 01/31/2010 - 14:04.

Apple has annouced the much wanted, and long awaited iPad.  This device is something that has recieved missed reviews about to be sure.  There has been a big push by apple on the web surfing aspec of this device.

I think as and overgrown iTouch it shoud be a wize at the web.  The main concern with the web and the iPad is it's lack of Flash.  Yes, I know that HTML5 will allow this or that, but we are not there yet. Most websites do not know HTML5 and don't have the content encoded in the Ogg Theora and H.264 codecs.  So Flash is here to stay, and stay awhile.  I understand Flash is buggy, I know that it is bloated.. but there are so many sites that use flash for critacl aspects of the site that the exclusion of this plug on the (super powered 1Ghz Apple A4 processor) is a miss.

The team at Apple's marketing department thought so too.  The orginal video accessable on the homepage of apple shows a very well done demonstration of the iPad, too well in fact. 

Paul Threatt, a graphic designer at Jackson Walker design group, has filed a complaint to the FTC alleging false advertising. His statement reads:

On the Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices, Apple provides a proprietary web browser named Safari. On these electronic devices, Apple computer does not support the web browser extension commonly referred to as “Flash”. The Adobe Flash extension is a popular browser plug-in that has gained wide popularity due to its ability to easily display video and image based slideshows on the web.

In several advertisements and images representing the apple products in question, Apple has purposefully elected to show these devices correctly displaying content that necessitates the Adobe Flash plug-in. This is not possible on the actual devices, and Apple is very aware of that fact. Despite the controversial lack of support for Adobe Flash on these devices, Apple has elected to depict these correctly utilizing the Flash plug-in. This constitutes willful false advertising and Apple’s advertising practices for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the new iPad should be forcibly changed.

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As of yesterday the video that I have watched a dozen or more times, changed because of this filing.  The screenshot I have below shows the Blue Lego of Death now.  That is where Flash is supposed to be, and the content is not.  What is interesting is the video that I have watched prior showed ,very clearly, an image instead of the Blue Lego of Death.  So Apple's Marketing department KNEW in advance that the lack of Flash was going to be an issues and tried to gloss over it.
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