Arson at Heroin Hotel #11

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Arson at Heroin Hotel #11

On the afternoon of May 18, 2017, a TRAGIC fire broke out at Heroin Hotel #11 (formerly known as the Brooklyn Centre YMCA). TRAGIC for the Land Bank, EDEN and the Cleveland Housing Network because unfortunately little damage was done and therefore city of Cleveland tax dollars can't be used to demolish it. Several fire trucks swarmed the property and police cars diverted traffic during rush hour. REALLY though. HOW could this POSSIBLY have happened?  After all on March 2, 2017 Kathy Urban Monter HGIC of the fraudulent failing Cleveland Housing Network assured 19 members of Brooklyn Centre that the building and grounds were totally secure with state of the art fencing, locks and other high tech security. I mean just LOOK at the attached photo of rusty chain with not one, not two, BUT three padlocks hanging from the fence at the "entrance" on West 25th.Now THAT is very impressive and just screams KEEP OUT to the junkies living under the bridge nearby.  It does seem though THAT ball and chain on West 25 is strictly for show. Because if you wander along Selzer Avenue there is another gate that is held shut with a very thin wire that would be extremely easy to cut with say a pair of nail clippers. But if you forgot your manicure set and you were looking for an indoor spot to fire up your crack pipe or shoot heroin there is an inviting opening in the fence along the former factory recently purchased by Anthony Brancula's Land Bank for $250,000 with YOUR tax dollars. It has been added to the plans for Heroin Hotel #11 perhaps for an indoor swimming pool or weight room. Or maybe visitors suites to entertain friends and family. There is also an open back door ironically at the top of the fire escape, which now is conveniently propped open with a 2 X 4. The junkies are packed up and waiting in the parking lot to move right in. If you have ANY idea who perpetrated this atrocity, there is a number on the Arson signs. You could score a quick 2 grand! 

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CHN and Land Bank invite you !!

Here you go!!  Come visit the next Heroin Hotel that CLE "leaders" like Frank Jackson and Tony Brancatelli want to build NEXT to the number one family destination in Northeast Ohio - the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo!  Bring your kids and have a campfire in the building!! Arsonists encouraged.   Arson is not a bad thing - pimping is not  a bad thing.  Join our alternate reality!!! Cleveland ROCKS!!


Kate Monter describes the state of the art security at the Cuyahoga County Land Bank managed property :

Frank Jackson breaks CLE laws at Buckeye CHN

 From Eric J. Brewer: 

This picture taken by Angela Y. Davis should piss you off. Mayor Frank Jackson arrived around 6:30 a.m. on Thursday morning to the front of Buckeye Square on E. 116th Street and Buckeye with political signs and a bullhorn to promote his campaign. The signs are all over public property including the sidewalk and a utility pole.

Buckeye Square is a 65 unit permanent housing facility for the homeless. The $11 million project was developed by the Cleveland Housing Network Rob Curry manages as the director. It was funded in part by Cleveland and Cuyahoga County block grant dollars. It is clearly a public project and public property. If I or any other candidate for Cleveland mayor put their political signs on this property we could find ourselves being cited under Ord. No. 623.13. The heading is “Notices or signs on public property prohibited; removal.”

“(a) No person shall stick, post or attach any notice, advertisement, poster, sign, handbill, or placard of any kind or description on any telegraph, telephone, railway or electric light poles within the limits of the City, or on any bridge, public building, voting booth, flagging, curbstone, walk, step stone, or sidewalk, or write, print, or impress or in any manner attach any notice, advertisement, poster, sign, handbill, or placard of any kind or description on any public building, bridge, voting booth, flagging, curbstone, step stone, or sidewalk, the property of the City or within the street lines of the City, or over which the City has the care, custody, or control, except as may be required by the laws of the State or City ordinances. The prohibitions of this ordinance include the placing of building numbers on curbs.
(b) All notices, advertisements, posters, signs, handbills, or placards of any kind or description in violation of this section shall be removed by the department or division which has the care, custody, or control of the City property where the violation is found and the director of the appropriate department shall charge the responsible party fifty dollars ($50.00) per sign to cover the cost of removal. It shall be the duty and power of the directors of the departments and of the commissioners of the divisions of the City to carry out the mandate of the preceding sentence with regard to City property under their care, custody, or control. (c) Whoever violates this section is guilty of unauthorized placing of notices or signs on public property, a minor misdemeanor.”

The ordinance above was passed by council in 2006. Frank was the mayor. He signed the ordinance into law and Chapter 11, Section 71 of Cleveland's charter gives him the duty to enforce it: not disobey it as we see him doing. If I put my signs where Frank placed his whoever is managing the property would be right in calling the police to have my campaign issued a minor misdemeanor citation. I'm not done.

The picture was taken at around 8 a.m. when city hall was officially opening for business. Thursday is a regular day of work. We know from the picture that Frank wasn't at work at 8 a.m. I'll share what all this means to me.

I'm not sure how Frank's payroll is handled but in East Cleveland I recorded my hours in and out on a time card and signed it. I'll assume Frank does the same. My time card wasn't accurate because it doesn't reflect me waking up at 3 a.m. to research an interest and writing emails to my department heads before arriving to work. It doesn't reflect me getting a call from a resident in a Taylor Road apartment building with 18 families at 9 p.m. and me calling and then waiting with the owner until midnight to ensure his electrician restored the power. Every hour I worked over 40 brought my hourly rate closer to poverty level wages in East Cleveland at $40,000 a year. Thank God my Son was an adult. LOL.

Frank's time card would be about the same as mine except we know that on Thursday, July 13th at 8 a.m. Frank was not at city hall working. He was campaigning. If he's careful Frank's time card should reflect him not being work at 8 a.m. if he, like me, simply wrote 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. as hours of work.

Since Frank's time card is a public record I'd use R.C. 149.43 to demand copies of all of them for the past year if I were engaged in the type of opposition research I'd normally involve myself with for this type of campaign. I don't have that kind of time and don't really care at this point. I'm going through this exercise to prove a point. I'm willing to guarantee Frank ain't “that” careful.

In Frank's hand is a cell phone. I know Cleveland taxpayers pay for the mayor's cell phone to use for city business. Using it to handle calls for his mayoral campaign would be theft in office. The mayor's cell phone bill and the itemized calls he makes are public records. So are the texts stored on the server that transfers them. Using R.C. 149.43 I'd want his city phone's itemized calls and texts if I were running that type of campaign. I'd be looking for calls from Mike Cox, the on leave service director who's helping Frank's campaign, to see if they're communicating via the city phone. What I don't see evidence of in the picture is two cell phones to truly separate city versus campaign calls. There's more.

I know Frank uses a city vehicle and he's assigned a Cleveland cop for protection while on the streets. He appears to be with campaign supporters. Angela didn't see his driver or the car but that doesn't mean anything. He could have parked nearby and out-of-sight to wait for Frank to finish standing on a corner shouting for votes with a bull horn in front of a federally and locally-funded public apartment building where some were sleeping.

What the cop assigned to protect the city's chief law enforcement officer should have done was remind the mayor of his duties to obey and enforce Ord. No. 623.13 and not stick his signs on public property. He should have warned him of violating Ord. No. 605.10 under the heading “Unnecessary noise” and told him that the bullhorn was an instrument he was using to create it. Frank should have said “my bad” and stopped. We shouldn't see the city's chief law enforcement officer standing in front of a publicly-funded building with political signs attached to it and making unnecessary noise with a bullhorn.

Frank violated Ord. No. 623.13 and Ord. No. 605.10. Both are minor misdemeanors but they're still ordinances the mayor has a duty to enforce. Frank's signs should be removed and counted. Frank should be charged with a minor misdemeanor because we see him in the picture in front of his signs, so we know he's responsible. He should be billed $50 per sign for their removal.

Here's what's fucked up. If I filed a criminal complaint and used this picture as evidence, a judge would interpret it in a way that Frank didn't do anything wrong.

Mike White understood better than anyone else I've observed in Cleveland's mayor's office for the past 39 years that what Frank is doing is a “no no.” Frank's an attorney and a former assistant city prosecutor. He served as council president and now he's the city's chief law enforcement officer. He's got more than 30 years in elected office so there should not be a section of the charter or ordinance he doesn't know since his name is on the two we can see he violated and many others.

That's also the problem with Cleveland government. If the elected officials are not limiting themselves to performing the duties of the office they were administered an oath of office to perform, that non-compliance has spread to every level of government this mayor touches. This is how your money is being stolen, why taxes are high and services deficient. Non-compliant elected and appointed public officials ... everywhere.




Mitchell Paul:  This 12.6 millions dollar project is 315 dollars per sq ft.....194,000$$ per tiny apartment( furnished with table, dresser and bed....more than double the nationwide average...leaving lots of roof for theft....who would trust these people??
A good story is how Cleveland housing network built a 400 thousand townhouse in Tremont for 2 employees for 96 thousands. Kate Kardon is now a Tremont West development corp board member.

Buckeye Square (Emerald Alliance VI) opened in December 2013 with 65 studio-style apartments for permanent supportive housing. This is a new four-story 40,000 square foot building in the Buckeye neighborhood. Features include a community room with kitchen, laundry facilities, a computer lab, parking...