Stone Man

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Stone Man


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Walked around and examined various stone and tile uses and applications with a man who spent 20+ years in stone and tile industry today. 

Unfortunately, as we age in NEO--talents and skills are not appreciated. The stone man explained how different stones and products need different maintenance, but are not getting the treatments needed.  Snow melt and use of salt have to be taken into consideration.

And, so it goes.  Attended Susannah Drake at Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative today. 

There should be an interest in using the right materials and addressing water in the environment.

 Susannah Drake, gets it...what does it take for the guys to get it, too? Kyle Dreyfuss-Wells presented, too, on use of porous pavers in the University Circle Marriot project (and she brought a talent pool from NEORSD--all women!).




I threw this in because I never had heard this term used before.  The photo above shows granite pavers in front of the BP building, but fired caliche is used in construction, too and evidently in some CLE buildings. Stones like marble and granite require maintainence, but don't often get the attention needed.

Can anyone identify the location of the Stone Man?

Water and the Environment

Met a sharp mechanical engineer this week and had a chance to reflect on Susannah Drake's presentation at the Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative.  Based in NYC, her firm has been commissioned by Bloomberg administration to forecast possible scenarios that will affect water and water treatment in Manhattan. 

What precautions are being made here in NEO?  I spoke with the mechanical engineer about distributed energy production, which is an obsession of the stone, what happens when the grid fails in NEO?

Sure, we are sitting on large body of freshwater, but how do we access that water with no electricity?

Hiring older workers

  Ironic--PD cover story today...