Question of the day? Safe where?

Submitted by lmcshane on Wed, 03/11/2009 - 01:09.

"Things like this just don't happen in Maryville," Mayor Larry Gulledge said

Within the last few weeks, we have been jolted by heinous crimes involving guns.  The first crime in downtown Cleveland, led everyone, especially the PD, to conclude...downtown is not safe.  Then, a man recently released from prison went on a shooting rampage and killed members of his extended family, and finally killed himself.   So, if you lived in the suburbs, you still concluded to yourself that it was just an urban situation, and cities are inherently not safe. 

Then, the national news covered a rampage killing at an Illinois church, so now it becomes less clear.  Are we not safe at our churches, too?  Cognitive dissonance sets in.  And, now in a more rural part of the country, another man goes on a rampage killing family and community members.   What do we do?

Be safe - be a Democrat

We are just starting to surface from a terrible time in modern history - the Bush Years - and with the huge gap between rich and poor and other divisions in our society and economy, both in the toilet, there will be lots of madness, anger, and killing in America - this is just the beginning, and most will be white on white, in the boonies.... Republicans killing Republicans.

Be safe - be a Democrat.

Disrupt IT

stop the brainwash

the GOP has fueled our country with hatred

they also disingeously name the "blame" for the situation as poor people