To blog or not to blog?

Submitted by lmcshane on Sat, 10/04/2008 - 15:07.

That is the question? With so many voices shouting in cyberspace, what's the point?

blogging keeps you regular

I always ask Gloria, "Have you blogged today?" It seems to keep her cheery, well balanced, perhaps even somewhat emotionally evacuated, if you will.

She gets mean when she doesn't. You can't keep it all inside of you and be healthy.

As with other functions, that's the point.

Remember, too, it's not a question of competing with all the other voices, nor is it a question of having a huge readership. What's important is that the person reads your blog who needs to read it--the right person, at the right time.

Sometimes, too, you need to consider the forensic value of a blog. If one diary is useful, a group collaboration online is probably moreso. If in fact we have to resurrect any points, the blogs help fix things in time, and in the sequence, and then you can fill in with emails.

Theoretically, the blog of one person read at the time it's written by nobody else can have value at some point.

Blogs also help seed ideas. Months after I've written something or said it on MTB, I see it surface somewhere else and gaining momentum. There are "ideas whose time has come," and blogs help accelerate processes.

Well said

  You really are a statesman.  I know that I am feeling a little bent out of shape right now and so are other people in our little neighborhood.  I hope that they understand not everyone can do the face-to-face thing and if I speak up or out, it is not personal, but it is an attempt to put our cards on the table and to insure fairness. 

I scan through the Plain Dealer, Plain Press, Cleveland Magazine, Tremont Newsletter, Old Brooklyn News, and all the local flyers that pass through the library.  I desperately want to see good things, but I also want explanations and proposed solutions for the visible problems.  I get neither good news nor explanations.  

Other neighborhoods are better served.  Tremont stands out.  As much as Joe Cimperman and I can disagree, I can respect him for respecting his constituents by putting out timely and useful information.  The same can be said for Tremont West Development Corporation and their newsletter.  And, the neighborhood can vent thanks to Adam Harvey at

So, now BCCA's website is back, but it needs to be reconfigured as a blog.  Darren--Jeff Schuler works the magic for RealNEO.  We can pay him to provide the same set-up for BCCA.  I will personally contribute to the costs and I am sure that we can get it done.  You can be the administrator.  For that experience, you may want to talk to Adam Harvey.  People will rant on's not the end of the world.  It's the beginning of an open discussion.


Well said...

Sounds like there is some diplomacy in action here.

And I agree - Props to Tremonter! 

Disrupt IT

blogs take care of themselves: self-directin' and self-correctin

Blogs are self-directing and self-correcting. You need an administrator, like Jeff, to take care of the tech things, but that's about all. The participants generally police themselves--that's what makes blogs effective. You really can get a lot of mileage out of the dynamic.

Remember: The more power you cede, the more powerful you, and all, accrue. It's kind of like the mystery of the tithe--how does it work out that abundance seems to visit you the more you give away? Emerson's Essay on Compensation treats this phenomenon, and more.

 ((I've been acutely conscious of dropping my g's today; I guess I've been talking like a down-home boy for a while. But putting g's on everything, I sound so stilted! What's a body to do?))


Don't Blog - Manage Content and Social Network

I haven't seen a "blog" technology that interests me. To me, REALNEO is all about rich content management in a sophisticated social networking technology - Drupal. I found the technology for my own content management needs - not even looking for social networking capabilities - that the technology combines content management and social networking allows us to use the same sophisticated content management system together, which adds more richness and social value... especially in the context of Regional Economics Action Links for North East Ohio. 

Disrupt IT

Down time


The advantage of blogs and scanning content using RSS feeds is pretty much summed up by this little image lifted from the mondegreen of the day site.  I am sure the artist considered using a toilet seat, but changed it after consideration :)