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Submitted by ANGELnWard14 on Thu, 08/06/2009 - 05:10.

Tonight I visited the wall again and made a couple changes. I'd like to whitewall it this week and start fresh...  Despite my opinions and views on the candidates, it's my goal to get these complacent citizens to get involved!!!

After dealing with a few issues tonight from over 10 folks...lit up like the Fourth of July on God Only Knows What....who have NO CLUE as to any of the politics...I guess I find myself wondering what all this passion to make a change is worth?

I owe Tim Russo, James D'Amico, Gary Horvath, Joe Santiago, and Rick Nagin huge appreciation...

Tim--- you pissed me off showing up with a record for importuning a minor....and got me off my own rump to fight for my beliefs..... but maybe you should have stayed in the race just to get the attention of all the rest of these folks..maybe your controversy would have woke them up... My sign's only aggravating the few who already do care...

James D'Amico... I never liked your posting on Cleveland.com in true "Ghetto Style" with your fighting words. They were unacceptable in the perimeters of the position you are seeking. Great heart but this isn't your election... you just don't make the cut...I cannot support your candidacy.

Gary Horvath...you've been called out-but never shown up... who the heck are you??? Why are you even in this race? Records of Fraud could be you or not, but you are not anywhere to be found for answers. No vote for you.

Rick Nagin...you were NOT drunk (don't begin to lie!!!) ...you were flat out SOBER! You kiss my behind before I call a spade a spade in public! How can these residents trust you? 

I DON'T TRUST YOU WITH VULNERABLE RESIDENTS at any level! Just a couple weeks ago-you called the inspectors on a family in dire need instead of referring them to any social service program...you are a flat out jerk!

You had a hundred ways to react-but you wanted to be a big shot and show a pending voter how you could get action...Those folks are still living by a generator...and if God's willing-they will get the help that they need b/c I sent them down the list of referrals which I gave you the opportunity to effectuate...but you didn't make time for their needs...only your own! YOU SHOULD HAVE OFFERED THEM HELP! 

The worst part is that I told you that they needed help.... but you still maligned that family by calling in the B & H Inspectors! Were you trying to cause them to lose their kids? WTF????? Did you forget about the basics since you left the regime? 

I could scream at you in your face I am so damn irate with you. I have tried to be polite, tried to keep my mouth shut, and tried to be respectful to you...but I am angry with your poor choices. Obviously you have no clue on how to address the needs of the struggling families here in Ward 14. You make me sick, disgusted, and peeved beyond reproach.

(BTW: I have known Rick Nagin for almost 17 years... he knows where I live, how to get a hold of me, and that I will do my best to react when called upon...and when he notified me of the "complaint" above-I wanted to see what he was made of and told him to go over and help the family...instead he called the B & H dept...or maybe he called them before he found a way to get a hold of me...but the inspector called me on it a few days ago...and yes...I am livid with the idea that common sense didn't factor in to Rick Nagin's considerations!) I am highly outraged, disappointed, and frustrated by your choices.

Most flagrantly...I served our country and I defended democracy... I do not support communism. I think that you should blatantly tell the community about your COMMUNIST ties so that they can make their own decision. I'll stop here...not worth slam dunking you all in one moment! 

Joe Santiago...well, he's dug his own grave with his exploits, with his spending our CDBG funding all over town, with the fireworks, with his actions that are unbecoming an elected official, and with much more...but, I've picked on Joe Santiago enough to date.... let him figure it out. Frank Jackson's endorsement is a disgrace to our entire community at large!!! It's a slap in the face...but our folks are too absorbed outside of politics to even get that!!! 

I hope that every one of the corrupt politicians who have neglected, abused, and violated the people of Ward 14 have their behinds handed to them on that silver platter....but until then... I guess I will settle for changing my wall throughout this election to let these factors be seen by the folks without computers!!!

So, as energetic, passionate, and considerate as I am... I tell our residents to pay attention, learn about the candidates and make your own choices! 

I remain steadfast in support of Nelson Cintron Jr. So, don't forget to vote for him on September 08, 2009! 

P.S.... forgive my rage...I am just frustrated by the lack of awareness by our residents at large... There are so many who are neglecting to participate at all...  they're too busy partying it up and living life to think that all of this matters!!! VOTE PEOPLE...VOTE TO BE PROACTIVE IN THIS COMMUNITY! 

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All your passion and insight appreciated here

I've always believed Cummins had great potential and character, and you are making me appreciate Nelson Cintron - and I know who to go to if he disappoints me - and they each speak up on REALNEO. Very impressive movement happening in Ward 14... you are shaping responsible political dialogue for all elections everywhere in the future.

You are trailblazers, leaders and educators - keep spreading the passion and insight!

Disrupt IT

Norm...I am just totally disgusted by DIRTY POLITICS...

Thanks Norm! When you start walking door to door and hearing the stories, seeing the struggles, and recognizing the absolute oblivion of so many folks, particularly the younger generation.... it's so questionable in a thousand ways!!! 

I am so upset at what these dirty rotten scoundrels have done to our people by disempowering them...

Last night, this young woman took it upon herself to attempt to make a mockery of my efforts- telling me that I don't know nothing about the street life.... about drugs, violence, prostitution and so forth... from her perspective, she's probably right... I only see it all from the outside looking in.... as I am certain most of us do.

Yet, the attitude that spoke worlds about the pure ignorance-lack of knowledge that folks like her live by. They don't read the paper, they go to the library for computer stuff rarely, but don't surf the internet, they don't thrive for knowledge, they live by drama and chaos...survival... at least some of them do and I just want them to get motivated to speak up!



 Norm, I don't understand why you find gay bashing and red baiting and name calling to be passionate and insightful.

Debbie webb


I celebrate each and all of you

You are all amazing!

Disrupt IT

aww, Norm

shucks, you are just a sweet little provocateur. 


I'm glad to have a place to learn

I'm glad to have a place to learn about and discuss these important issues with other citizens - this is what a great community is all about (nice to finally find one).

Since we have such nice political awareness and activism here, I'll want to throw in the issue of County Reform.

And wait until you hear about what is going on in MY neighborhood... there are places crazier than Ward 14!

Disrupt IT


I am not gay bashing and I am certain even my list of gay friends would challenge you quite extensively on this subject matter in reference to me! They are quite amused by your contempt for me and find it rather ignorant. Even they agree with the facts relevant to my statement, which they cannot argue either.

You ought to respect to disagree on technicalities while you are ahead. I never bashed Santiago for being gay. I don't give a crap what/who he does with his personal life... as long as it doesn't affect the citizens. Get your facts straight sister! You are welcome to your opinion all the same, but quit trying to say crap like this to undermine me.

BTW, my dad sends his regards...

It's sad that we must argue our positions. You have so much other positive spirit to offer this political forum than to try and focus it on my opinion of the facts. I was excited about several of your posts and gave you some very high credit for your positions on matters...without disrespecting you-even when I didn't agree.

What is red baiting? 

doesn't matter

doesn't matter, Angel in ward 14, what you think of me or my post, credit or not. I am going to speak up when need be because I find it painful to read this stuff on what is supposed to be a progressive site. I find the name calling, gay bashing and red baiting actually painful and abusive and wish you would stop and find relevant, constructive ways to get your point across. 

red baiting: see wikipedia, 2d paragraph down for applicable relevance.

Debbie Webb

Disturbing...calling Rick Nagin out...

I called Rick Nagin a jerk because he earned it.  He knows he earned it too... he cannot deny what he did to that family... that's a bunch of Tremont style harrassment. I cannot support a candidate who blatantly bullies our residents when they are in obvious pinches that require social service supportive services. That's abusive. I'm not going to tolerate these overeducated candidates from using unreasonable tactics to corner unsuspecting residents with their games to acheive office.


Class Warfare?

.While Rick Nagin is not my candidate of choice, he is more concerned with  poverty and issues of  disadvantaged citizens  than any of the others.  Intellectually, if you can separate the true philosphy of communism from  cold war issues and the style of psuedo communism as paracticed by  the old Soviet Union, etc.,   you will see communism is a form of governing (that hasn't worked well and probably never will)  which  stresses equal rights for all individuals. 

Furthermore, what's wrong with having a degree from Harvard?  At what point is someone over-educated?  Rick didn't parlay his Harvard degree into big dollars at a corporation.  He came back to Cleveland and worked on Labor issues.  I say he is to be applauded for honoring his beliefs, especially when he had to swim upsteam to do so.  Kate

We don’t know that unless we ask…right?


 Since we live in a free democracy and not a communist state Rick has every right to swim where ever he wants to. (It’s just a little different when you live in communist state…just asked someone whose fled Cuba).
My point is that’s not my point.
I simply want to know where he stands on his core belief.
What if he were elected then decided to change parties would that affect you or me in anyway?
He wouldn’t do that you say? We don’t know that unless we ask…right?
Just ask the good people who voted for Veteran Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter who switched from the Republican to the Democratic Party.
It just a political question not an attack on him or any great works he has done.
But when you offer yourself as a public servant the public has a reasonability to question your worthiness.

we don't know unless we ask

Hi Kris,

We have a two party system: democrat or republican. If one chooses not to declare as one of these, they can't vote in the primary and only vote in the general election as they have to declare in the primary their party. I have always thought this unfair. Other parties have tried hard to create a recognized 3rd party with very limited success. Some run as an independent but the voter still has to declare in the primary.


What an individual has as his personal politics is not an issue in the ward elections. Even if an elected Democrat council representative were

to switch to the Republican party, that would not impact the governance of the ward.




And then our very own democratic Brian Cummins...went Green...

Extraordinary....the citizens of Ward 14 have been duped again by the regime....



Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"