Bogus Custom Essay Works on the Loose

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Bogus Custom Essay Works on the Loose


Detecting Scam from Legitimate Writing Services

Custom writing providers continue to grow more in number as the demand for quality custom-made academic pieces escalates in the same degree. The dilemma however, lies on the widespread scams that involve custom essays that ruin the reputation of professional and legitimate custom-made writing providers.



Arlington, VA - With the ever increasing number of essay scam websites, there is a compelling need for clients to distinguish what’s a reputable writing company from not. The problem is not every client is knowledgeable enough to spot the difference between what’s bogus from real. is more than willing to reveal some of the key differences that can help clients detect fraud custom essay and spot those genuine writing services. is one of the leading legitimate custom papers providers that adhere to its professed mission – provide quality writing services to its valued clients. Rushessay deems that scam custom paper companies do not provide any postal address. This only means that the company only exists on the internet. On the other hand, legitimate writing agencies are registered in a certain country with a legal physical postal address that is clearly displayed on their website.



Another key feature of professional writing services like is that all its papers are checked with anti-plagiarism software, and guarantees that neither TurnItIn nor MyDropBox can find a single percent of plagiarized content. On the contrary, scam essays guarantee nothing but copy-pasted content or resold papers.



Rushessay also reveals that credible custom writing providers have hacker safe logos on their websites that can forward clients to to have confirmation that the said site has been tested and is certified daily to pass the McAfee Secure Security Scan - unlike scam companies that only have false hacker safe logos which do not link to



Apparently, illegitimate writing websites have no phone or live chat provided for their clients. Oftentimes, there is no customer support available. However, reliable custom writing services offer 24/7 customer support – a service that never fails to offer.



Trustworthy custom essay companies select testimonials from surveys filled up by their clients after every completed order. Testimonials are being proofread for grammatical and spelling errors if there are any. On the other hand, Rushessay reckons that testimonials placed on scam essay sites are fake, written only by their staff, written poorly and more often than not, unbelievable.



Offering academic writing services entails a sense of responsibility. In this type of industry, every custom written piece must be considered as a serious business, reiterates.



About the Company: is a custom writing service provider that lives up to its goal: maintain a good reputation by protecting its clients’ academic career. It ensures clients of only quality pieces as promised.



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The case of the 'pot calling the kettle black'?

You and your other websites have this penchant for advertising indiscriminately in blogs, websites, and press release engines to salvage whatever is left of credibility.

Is it not a fact that all your orders for writing are  forwarded to EssayWriters dot net (international pool composed of Indian, Pakistani, Philippine writers) and of Uniwork, Inc.(Philippine-based writers)? 

Is it not a fact that your domain is registered under the name of Universal Research LLC per domain dossier? And is it not a fact that Universal Research LLC's registration before the Virginia State of Corporation Commission was cancelled in December of 2007. These websites were not even included or mentioned in any public document submitted to the State or Federal government. The only link of the company was the respective contacts pages of each website. Despite said cancellation, these websites continued conducting its  operations on a 'business as usual' after 2007. The different counties in Va where your websites are supposedly conducting business categorically stated that no business license or permit was issued for the respective businesses (in fact the addresses are allegedly bogus, i.e. post box, residence of private individuals or garages)--thus, no TAXES paid. In the latter part of 2008, a new corporation was incorporated, Universal Research Inc. with Oleg Vorobev as registered agent and director. Thereafter, each of the websites' contacts pages were (clandestinely)amended to reflect Universal Research Inc (deleting Universal Research LLC). Under the Virginia Code, the LLC should be wound up and liquidated. This was not done because the supposed (unlisted assets) were not liquidated--superiorpapers, bestessays, rushessay, etc. continued operating.

And is it not a fact that even in Ukraine where these websites are being operated, that your Ukrainian writers decry the practice of Essaywriters in inventing and fabricating plagiarism reports and complaints of customers so that the Ukrainian owner Yuriy Yur'yevich Mizyuk and/or his cohorts can 'pocket' the hard earned fees of the writers?

This is the Russian writers' forum screenshot as translated. They talk about Mizyuk and Essaywriters greedy business practice.

Is it not a fact that the domain now (per domain dossier) is with Uniwork, Inc. a Philippine incorporated Ukrainian (99.99%) foreign company approved by the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission? See blog and article.

So please tell me why did superiorpapers and bestessays change its old address from 12020 Sunrise Valley Drive Suite 100 Reston, Virginia 20191 as appearing on their respective contacts page a few weeks ago into 1900 Campus Commons Drive Suite 100 Reston, Va? Why did rushessay retain its old address ? Is the 'heat' in the kitchen too much when inch by inch, everything is being unearthed?

Is it not a fact that Mizyuk was allegedly deported from the US to Ukraine in the early 2000s?

While Americans work their brains off and pay taxes honestly, your group allegedly evade taxes, i.e. no FEIN, no business license, etc. While everyone is going through recession, your group exploit writers of the third world including your own Ukrainians.

So please STOP calling the kettle black, I can give you a mirror!