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Today, I rode from Brooklyn Centre, down Scranton to Downtown via east bank of the flats.  I found intrepid travellers from St. Louis embarking on their own bike trip to Art Museum from the Rock Hall using the Zagster bikes.  I then rode back through Flats - stopping by Aloft hotel to see how they accommodate bikes (they don't ...really) and then to Lincoln Park for a swim.  After the swim, I rode to Town Hall in Ohio City - had the curry chicken bowl and a beer and rode home - for another dip in my pool (best $20 I ever spent:).  Have a great day CLE-think like a tourist! 

Oh, BIG news from Tremont : the "decaying" Olney Museum and Victorian building next to Grace Hospital is being renovated to be a Bed & Breakfast! Just in time for the RNC 2016!  If only, City of Cleveland could consider accommodations in Brooklyn Centre - with access to the National Park, Metroparks Zoo, and Metrohealth - on a major transit route.  I wanted to test drive this route after my trip to Akron on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad - and learning that the Rock Hall is a major destination for folks visiting NEO from out-of-town.

Here are all of my photos at Google :


Linking destinations: I rode from Brooklyn Centre - down Scranton, over Carter Rd. bridge to East Bank of the Flats.  I rode up Front Ave and then through a parking lot to Summit and W. 3rd St.  Avove photos show W. Third, E. 9th bridge over to Port of Cleveland and cyclists near the First Energy Stadium and Great Lakes Science Museum.

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INSANE CLE - priorities?

 LAND Studio is pushing for a Campus District connect to the "Lakefront" - see my story above.

These tourists wanted to ride from downtown to Art Museum along the "lake" (horrid trail that runs along Burke lakefront) - I persuaded them that the best route would be to take Superior to the Cultural Gardens and then on way back to stop at Asia Town Centre.

From Diane Morgan:

 I attended the meeting last night about the waterfront plans. Here is my take: They now consider the Campus District as being near the waterfront. They want 25 million for an 8 mile trail in the campus District federal state and local funding.

They are using Steelyard Commons TIF funds for the Canal Basin project. They will be building a bridge from Ohio City to Wendy Park. They will be working on Irish Bend.

Observations: if you have the money to buy a 200k - 400K house in Detroit Shoreway, Ohio City, Tremont, you are entitled to access the waterfront. If you live on the east side, forget about it.

I ask, what can we do in this city with 25 million?

If we were flush with cash in the city, this will all be fine and dandy, but we are not. We have a heroin epidemic, we have crime ridden communities, we have decaying buildings in our neighborhoods that are health and safety hazards, we need jobs, we need new businesses, we need to figure out how to pay for basic services, we have lead issues, seniors need help keeping their homes, we need public transportation improvements, and on and on.

We could do a lot with 25 million that would benefit our communities, save lives, improve lives, not for the well to do, but the common.

Now let's look at the math. It was stated that there are 5500 residents in the Campus District. 25 million that equals 4,545.45 per person. For a trail.

Let's get the city back on track, let's work on solving the issues and problems within our communities, and find the financial resources to do that, then let's look at the other possibilities.

The TIF money is a whole other issue.


The Plain Dealer deleted my comments to their waterfront article:

Update - Olney Residence and Gallery

  The Olney and adjacent residences have been restored!!