The Sky is the Limit on Sources of Free Photos for Your Blog. . .

Submitted by Charles on Mon, 06/19/2006 - 03:21.

Here are two more listings of free (public domain) images. The licenses vary from site to site, so you'll have to pay attention to any restrictions.

Where to Find Free Images for Your Blog by Robin Good has a great listing of sites to visit for images. has some resources as well in an article entitled Top 10 Places to Find Free Images For Your Blogs. 

Photo Credit: Pixel Perfect Digital

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Use of photos on REALNEO

Charles, your exploration of use of photos from cyberspace is great - thanks for the resources... we should do a comparative analysis of the different types of licenses as I find all that confusing so I imagine others do as well. We'll should to make a master list of sources and license types for REALNEO. And we need to include my photos on REALNEO as free for any use, as anyone is free to use them any way they like. Our terms of use, which still need to be revised and matched with Creative Commons terms, say the creator of content owns their own content - we'll add the Creative Commons module so each user may specify how their photos will be used by others - in my case, feel free to do whatever you like with mine.