Headed to Cleveland - will be there next week

Submitted by marccanter on Fri, 04/17/2009 - 11:53.

Hey folks

Norm has convinced me that I need to be in town - so I'll be there next week.

We've also setup a test/demo social network - if you want to come on over and join - to show off what we can do.  Easily.

I'm excited as hell.

I've also attached in image I'm using to explain what I call the 'virtuous circle' we're setting up.

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We need you here.  Welcome back :)  But, I can't register at the dashboard...after several tries :(


Marc Canter to meet CPL

Hey Laura - I'm afraid Marc is on a Red Eye to Cleveland, but when he gets here he will get you logged in.

I planned to get in touch with you and get you together with Marc to talk about our libraries and Citizen Dashboard... get him together with CPL... very important integration opportunity there.

We'll be in your part of town tomorrow morning... up for an impromptu meet-up at your library around mid-day?

Disrupt IT

Slight plan change

  See you tomorrow--give me a call in the a.m.  Look forward to this energy in Cleveland.