Censorship in NEO -

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This past week - Advance Media - erased years of comments that applied to major players in the corruption here in NEO- Jackson, Budish, Rokakis, Frangos - Eric J Brewer knows how this town manipulates the media https://ejbnews.com/16221/ please read - and recognize that the cover up extends to the office of US House Rep Marcia Fudge.

The messed up and criminal minds here are why our region is doomed until we implement open data, open government and transparency - starting with the county prosecutor's office - Mike O'Malley can not certify voter suppression in the March 17, 2020 primaries. There will be lawsuits and our region will be deemed damaged goods by any corporation looking for the assets we have here - but turned off by the failure in local government.



and 6 others


- was it by design that



silenced women reporters? https://cleveland.com/news/2020/04/please-subscribe-to-clevelandcom-letter-from-the-editor.html

Would I ever subscribe again? #hellno


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Voter Suppression in Cuyahoga County

From Eric Brewer

At some point a story written by Cleveland Scene’s Sam Allard reveals Ritter appears to have learned he’d failed to perform the duties of a petition circulator when he missed the prior to the 70th day before the election withdrawal deadline by 24 days.  Instead of living within the limits of R.C. 3519.08(A), Ritter appears to have held secret meetings with Kelley and others to concoct a scheme to obstruct it.


Now, I will say it -  because even the fiery Eric J. Brewer is afraid to say it - Marcia Fudge rigged this ballot. Marcia Fudge has several competitors on the March 17, 2020 Democrat ballot and there will be two Republican candidates.  The main competitors to Marcia Fudge are Tariq Shabazz. https://ballotpedia.org/Tariq_Shabazz  and Michael Hood https://youtu.be/8---If3_IWk and https://ballotpedia.org/Michael_Hood_(Ohio_congressional_candidate)


On the Republican ticket - Shalira Taylor is the main competitor https://ballotpedia.org/Shalira_Taylor

I can not vote for these candidates - I am in District 9.