Check out my Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video

Submitted by tchaves on Sat, 05/16/2009 - 10:20.

I entered the Positively Cleveland Hastily Made Tourism Video contest. The video with the most clicks becomes a finalist and the winner becomes an official video for the city of Cleveland. Please click on it...and help me out--forward it to everyone you know (no matter where they live)!

Hope you like it!

I HEART Cleveland!

  Tricia--you ROCK!!!  

Awesome video! Great picks.. time to go HD!

You know how to create great content

Let's get together some time... I'm looking for great local content! norm [at] realneo [dot] us

Disrupt IT

I would have responded to this line of commentary sooner...

...but I just noticed those little comments hiding on the site today!  Who knew I was creating such conversation?!  Thank you!

I'd definitely like to chat.  

Tricia Chaves

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Are you WEIRD or WIRED?


Either way, my sister says Austin is the place to be :)  Just a friendly family rivalry going on here because I have sisters in Detroit, Pittsburgh and, Cleveland, let's work to attract WEIRD and WIRED!

Way better

 I just watched the CLE+ video and your video is way, way better :)  If only I ran the city...if I did, I would say--"Girl, you are hired!"

Thank you thank you thank

Thank you thank you thank you!

And that would be a great job too!

Tricia Chaves

Weekly giveaways every Friday!

Positively Cleveland +- Needs Realneo to win

Realneo can help Joe Roman promote (the real?)Cleveland by entering this contest.   "The five semifinalist videos will be voted on by Cleveland-area champions"
If I entered this contest - I wonder who the Cleveland Area Champions are who would vote me in as the winner?  Hey, at least it's democratic!  Now I read the fine print, but besides the honor of giving all your video rights to Joe, what do you get if you "win"?
btw, sticking up for my principles but seeing I am outnumbered (norm, lmcsh, etc), I'll still say this chaves post is also spammy, because it is looking for clicks (although I appreciate that her dad helped on the video - that's significant)  Looking for clicks = spam in my book.  Realneo members are being used for a Nielson Rating.  That's spam.
(ps I'm not crazy about what Joe's done to Cle for the last 2 decades)

2. Record an original hastily made Cleveland tourism video (no longer than 2 minutes) highlighting your favorite things about Cleveland Plus, spotlighting Cleveland landmarks and personalities or showing a cool, unexpected side of the area about which tourists may not be aware.
3. Complete the online registration form here to begin the submission process for your entry.
4. Then, to submit your entry, join Positively Cleveland’s YouTube contest group and upload your video. Make sure you title it ”Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video/Your Name."
5. Start promoting your video via MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, flyers in your community, etc. The five YouTube videos with the highest ratings and views will be chosen as semifinalists.
6. The five semifinalist videos will be voted on by Cleveland-area champions and two winners will be selected live at the Positively Cleveland offices on Thursday, May 28 at 2pm.

Jeff, This post was total


This post was total shameless self-promotion, addmittedly...but also, some good information for people who are interested... Though since you mentioned it, my dad & I had a wonderful time (as did all of the restaurants/stores/customers that participated) making the video.    I stopped back at all of the restaurants last week to pass out flyers for them to give to their customers--and they were all still excited and talking about the contest.

Although I really seem to be getting under your skin with my blog contributions, I'm hoping you enjoyed my video (and shared it with some friends :-)

My motivation for entering was to be featured as an official tourism video for the city.  (In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I submitted a second one--they requested "Metroparks specific" entries after the contest was announced).

If I win--I plan to donate some of the prizes to the Weekly Giveaways on Tricia's Dish as a way of saying "Thank You" for the reader support (and to my Dad to say "Thank You" for the help--and patience for what was promised to be a 2-3 hour project that took the entire day).

Tricia Chaves

Weekly giveaways every Friday!

Dads of the world

 Your posts are a subtle reminders that Dads of the World are sorely needed, too.  Your dad must be a great guy.  JeffB is a dad, too, and a great guy!  Father's Day is coming up, too.  I miss my dad.

Give your dad a big hug for me!


  After attending the touching Memorial Day ceremony at Denison Cemetery, my significant and I enjoyed some time flying a kite at W.C. Reed Field.  On the way home, we encountered a garden tended by the lovely owner of

She gave me some of the Valerian from her garden, noting that her cats especially love it--sorry, but I am keeping it all for myself--I need it. 

Yesterday was another beautiful day in the neighborhood.  Please visit us on Saturday, June 6th.   If you are interested in living here--stop by the library any time.

Third place

  Not bad Tricia--I liked your video the best.  I thought the mommie one was really annoying....suburban mom.

Cleveland face time

Cleveland gets face time in the nationally distributed Parade Magazine--too bad they confuse us with Portland and misspell "entrepreneur" in the headline.  But, who's complaining!

The world needs more editors, indexers and catalogers!!!