City of Cleveland Citizen Public Participation Survey (2009)

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Have you completed the City of Cleveland PUBLIC PARTICIPATION SURVEY???? Allegedly these were completed and submitted last year....Very interesting... Don't recall receiving the option of participating....


Years 35 and 36 Community Development

Block Grant Public Participation Comments/Suggestions


Ward_________                  Neighborhood _______________________________ 


 If you had to choose one or two of these categories to focus federal block grant dollars on, which would they be?

____ Housing;  ___ Commercial; ___ Industrial; ___ Recreation; ____ Safety;

____ Social Services; ____ Infrastructure: Other, explain__________________________



What programs or projects do you think would help address these problems?



Are you a renter? ______ homeowner? _____;  what problems/concerns do you have with your housing e.g. rental market, code enforcement, affordability, repairs, painting, insulation, plumbing, roof, furnaces, weatherization, safety, other? Please explain:




If you are a homeowner do you have any problems/concerns with ability to;  ____obtain affordable insurance;  ___ loans from banks or mortgage companies; ____obtain information regarding low interest housing repair loans or grants from the City of Cleveland; ____other, please explain: _________________________________________






What goods and services are you able to purchase in your neighborhood?____ groceries;  ____ clothing; ____ shoes;  ____convenience items; ____auto repairs;  ____ restaurants; ___  deli –style or carry out foods; entertainment; e.g., ____live music; ____ cultural arts;

___  dry cleaning; professional services e.g., ___ medical; ____ legal; ____ accounting; ___  insurance;____ day care; ____ health & fitness;  ____ pharmacy; ____housewares; ___  home improvement; other;______________________________________________


What goods and services does your neighborhood lack? __________________________                       ________________________________________________________________________


What changes would you like to see in your neighborhood shopping areas? Please check all that you feel are important?

______ parking area improvements;  ___ better appearance of buildings; ____litter control ;  ____ security or lighting improvements;  ____building/code enforcement;  ____other, please explain; __________________________________________________  









What programs and services do you feel are currently successfully utilized within your community? ___________________________________________________________




What public parks or recreation facilities in your neighborhood would you most like to see improved, and what is it that they need?





Youth/Elderly Social Services/Public Services


Federal government rules limit the amount of block grant dollars that the City can use for these programs. Knowing that, what do you and your neighbors feel are the most important priorities to direct funds for job training, job referral, medical, meals, shelters, safety, transportation, please explain; ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



The largest growing segment of our community is the elderly and those approaching senior status, what services do feel could or should be offered or expanded in your neighborhood to assist them in transition; e.g.; educational, social and employment opportunities, housing, legal, or financial planning;______________________________




What programs/services do you feel is lacking? _________________________________


Which of the following age groups are under served by existing social service/public service programs in your neighborhood?


____ elderly; children:  ages 3-5 _____; grade school ___; junior high _____;

high school ____;  adults _____.


Why do you feel these groups are under served, please explain_____________________



Public Works/Infrastructure:


Should federal block grant dollars be used for infrastructure needs; _____ yes ____no

If so, please list three (3) specific repair activities such as sidewalks (addresses) street, potholes (name of street), street lighting, sewers, etc, below:

(1)  _________________________________________________________________________________

(2)  _________________________________________________________________________________

(3) _________________________________________________________________________________


Please mail your survey response to:                        Communications Section

                                                                        Department of Community Development

                                                                        601 Lakeside Avenue, Room 320

                                                                        Cleveland, Ohio 44114




( categories: )


Yes--Dianna, I completed this useless public participation survey and attended the meeting to
decide how the City of Cleveland would divvy up the poverty dollars--neighborhood development allocations
we qualify for in the City of was a farce.

Wilbur and Rush--at that meeting--were later suspended for their handling of the city's Afford-A-Home program. But, rest assured, in UREALNEO, they still have their jobs...I can't get the links to load--

Editorial:Cleveland's inquiry into Afford-a-Home mess - Cleveland ...

Mar 23, 2010 ... The lack of oversight for this I-Can't-Afford-A-Home fiasco reached from City ... So why aren't Rush and Wilbur also being shown the door? ... - Cached

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