City of Cleveland Workforce Reduction.... "Blame lays in State...not with the City of Cleveland"????

Submitted by ANGELnWard14 on Wed, 04/27/2011 - 16:17.

...thank you Mayor Frank Jackson for "REDIRECTING RESPONSIBILITY" for your fiscal mismanagement and failures as a leader of our City! 

Our local government leadership FAILED our public at large with poor budget projections, fiscal mismanagement, and a complete lack of living within their means... Our leadership just kept on failing to take reductions... including the required reduction for the city council to reduce it's size after the 2010 Census Report came in...(Because they changed the law by having it put on the ballot last Spring 2010 when they saw another reduction coming in the near future!) 

Cleveland City Council and the Mayor completely neglected our community needs. They have built a big government entity while steering out countless businesses from our city with their underhanded corruption. (Come on, are you still trying to tell our citizens that the County Commissioners were the only players in the Corruption Scandels???? ))))) What a joke!

It's time to restructure this City Government too.... Our citizens deserve better than this... Why are our city council members earning unGodly amounts of money for UNGODLY SAD RESULTS??? They deserve merit based pay just like the rest of the world...

They have all lived large for far too long... I remember tons of City employees slacking throughout the history of our city.... Did they think that the free ride was going to last forever???

I feel for the families who are being cut...but it's about time that our City leadership gets real... If the families are mad, then they should begin to yell at their irresponsible council leaders... Because they just kept voting for all these inflated raises at all levels!!!! They were just out on a limb doing whatever they wanted for way too long...

I remember a little song from back in the day...."BACK TO LIFE, BACK TO REALITY!"... It should be the new Rock N Roll theme song for Cleveland leaders! 

By the way....use all those people without licenses to do court ordered community service to clean up our city and make up for the laid off folks.... And by the way, all you lazy folks who keep leaving your trash laying around and throwing it out of your cars...remember there is NO MORE JOB SECURITY for our public servants....So keep Cleveland Clean by throwing your trash in the proper trash containers...even recycle it if you capable! 

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YES...MORE QUOTAS to Keep the Not For Profit Industry Alive....

Imagine entirely new populace of folks that will need foodstamps, housing vouchers, medical benefits, and social service assistance...How humbling....Hope the social service industry of Cleveland is prepared to treat these folks with the respect and dignity that they deserve as they go through these challenging times of transition from EMPLOYED to UNEMPLOYED...

Will the Economic Development areas of our Government begin to support a new concept with small business investors and allow some of these folks invest into the vacant storefronts that fill our city? Or will they have their hands out asking for bribes like is a historical practice of folks like the City Inspectors? 

While I pray that the future of Cleveland continues to get better...I also know that it will not change for the better until some of the old regime players have been stopped from perpetuating corruption completely! 

At least we know that our best industry will remain alive and well based on these employees hitting the unemployment lines... Just wish that they had always known what pawns they were for our local government! 

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"