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Submitted by lmcshane on Mon, 07/12/2010 - 09:14.
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Very disturbing

Very disturbing - I thought their five years were up.

How many years do they get?

Disrupt IT

FFOEF Voices and Choices redux

Economic future???

Don't know why Dan Mouthrop would give up a good gig for something that looks to be a retread of Voices and Choices...we'll just have to see where this is going..but it's getting old. 

If only folks gave REALNEO a chance, in the first place...

Call for Civic Badasses

  Whatever that means--if you fit the bill, please talk at :

Civic Commons

Photo used in the recruitment pitch at Civic Commons (does not reflect my idea of a civic badass- I would post an image of Ed Hauser or Norm Roulet). 

I am serious, though, whatever it takes--people need to make noise here in NEO against the status quo, whether here or at Civic Commons...silence is suicide.

A "civic bad ass" can't work for anyone - who pays Dan Moulthop?

 I spoke with Dan a few years ago when he inquired about my cynical  - REALNEO -  view of Cleveland's wind turbine and MEDCON corruption , and he was both dismissive and personally insulting.   

"Tin Hat" was his critical insult to me  Suggesting I was blowing in the paranoid, mindless cyclone from Wizard of Oz.

So now Dan want's to hear about change in Cleveland?  He wants the civic badasses to speak up?  


Dan's been in the Cleveland Foundation, Downtown Cleveland Partnership, ETC,  system for years. 

He's 100% compromised.  Totally.  Blindly compromised.  

So compromised he doesn't even sense it. 

Who pays Dan?  Weekly, Monthly, Yearly?

Seriously.  Who?   (like Romney, tell us about the income)

The voice on the radio that contributes to the euthanisization of Cleveland.

Dan Moulthrop. 

Hey Dan,  Please, shift to reality!  Are you compromised?  this is how the PAC do it.  Get guys like you on board,  blah blah blah, make nice. 

You want Civic Badassses?   

Reject your check = you'll be a badass - if not overnight, as soon as you struggle to meet your next mortgage payment (and your wife will keep you informed when that time is).   

Like LMCSHANE suggests,

the civic badasses where here when you were on air - Norm Roulet, Ed Hauser - but you and your paycheck sponsors weren't interested. 

At all.


That's  my call. 

But I am willing to listen to your new found direction... I too populate the  civic commons - real  civic opinions, without economic influence.




Civic Commons lets Kimberly Brown Talk