Civil War Memorial and CMSD picketeers

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Civil War Memorial and CMSD picketeers

 Civil rights in NEO?

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Citizens challenge CMSD in federal court

Justice for all! Voters in 2001 passed a levy to support services IN THEIR NEIGHBORHOODS--Facilities plan has NOT fairly invested those monies and Transformation Plan will deny service to neighborhood schools.  

Denying service to the taxpayers who support the school system--by closing schools specifically in predominantly African-American neighborhoods is RACIST and a gross civil rights violation.

Thank you Mr. Henley and Ms. Brown--Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


This lawsuit is the first thing that has made sense

This lawsuit is the first thing that has made sense for education reform in unreal NEO simce I moved back here in 2004.

Disrupt IT

Laura, see if they want to tell their real story to the world

I have a full HD studio they may use record, broadcast, preserve and so present their case to the community at large - and I'll bring the studio to them - they need to use IT to bring their message to the people - start a revolution.

Ed knew that - I learned it from Ed.

Do you want to really reform education? I have the way.

Disrupt IT

See opinions

A bribe is a bribe is a bribe....I will email Mr. Henley's contact information to you.