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MIT and other east coast college sailing races on Charles River Basin
Self imposed Preamble - Why I think this post may benefit all Realneo viewers: People enjoy color and color can have a beneficial effect on mood, sailing is an activity which does not increase atmospheric carbon and should be encouraged.


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I agree--I would love to see more sailboats on Lake Erie this summer and less power boats.  My father tried hard to make me learn how to sail, and later, friends also made an effort. 

It's almost a language. Being able to read and understand the wind.  I wish I spoke that language. 

I know my sister was able to take lessons as part of some City of Cleveland program when we were growing up--if anyone has leads to classes that kids (of limited income) can enroll in--please post here.

Y.O.U. applications start online today

  Attn: Friends of Y.O.U.--This year the process for youth applying for a summer job has changed and we are counting on you to get the word out to the community. This year there are three steps to the application process.

1. Online registration – available to any youth ages 14-18 in Cuyahoga County. It takes about 15 minutes to register if youth have email account and 30 minutes if they do not. This first step is much easier than in past years so we are encouraging as many as youth as possible to register, however remember registering for a summer job does not guarantee that youth will be selected. Online registration scheduled for April 1 st 9:00 am – April 23 rd 6pm .

2. Intake/Validation - Based on available funding youth will be selected to attend an intake/interview session based on a random process that is weighted proportionately to work site availability. At intake youth will asked to provide five documents – copy of social security card, copy of birth certificate, copy of picture ID, copy of proof of residency and copy of proof of income/need. Intake/interview sessions scheduled for April 26 th – May 15 th .

3. Orientation - If youth successfully complete the intake/interview phase they will be invited to a 4-hour orientation where the details of their placement will be discussed. Orientations will be scheduled for mid-June.

The following three documents are available to you through your local library:

1. A one pager called “Save the Date” that describes the youth online registration process

2. A one pager called “Computer Labs“ that lists locations that have agreed to allow youth to use computer labs if they do not have access to one at home or school. These computer labs should only be used as a last resort. Preference is youth use computers at their schools, or other community organizations that have computer labs .

3. A document called “FAQs” that answers many of the common questions about the program.

If you have any questions, beginning on April 1st you can contact the summer jobs hotline at 216-776-3900.

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