? of the Day: Have you read the Da Vinci Code?

Submitted by Evelyn Kiefer on Mon, 05/15/2006 - 23:58.

The best selling novel by Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code has gotten a lot of press lately. On Sunday The Plain Dealer ran several stories about the book/movie because the movie based on the book is coming to Cleveland area theaters in a few days.  But have YOU read the book? Do you plan to see the movie? Does The Da Vinci Code deserve all the hype?

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The story, the movie, the disappointment...

I have digested both Angels & Demons and The Da Vinci Code.  I would have to say the first book far outshines The Da Vinci Code.  While I am not considered a consumer of books I made it a point to get the unabridged audio book version of both of these books.

I can not imagine a Hollywood movie to touch on the subtle natures exposed in the book.  The intrigue relationships that unfold in this amazing work of fiction could not possibly be delivered to the movie goer in a way that justifies the $8 movie ticket price.

With that said, this Sunday my wife, Traci and I will be there, to see how Tom Hanks portrays the adventurous Robert Langdon.

If all the reviews are correct I will leave the theater with a rejuvenated respect for the nature of books.  Something I must pursue more aggressively anyhow.

Breaking the Davinci Code

I've thought much about the DaVinci Bible code referred to in the movie and book and my take or angle on the whole thing is to propose my own solution or vision that might allow us to envision and find new discoveries or make new posssible prognostications and predictions:


Direct Link: http://realneo.org/blog/sudhir-kade/six-simple-sentences-to-save-the-world-cryptic-cryptographers-and-codebreakers-creatively-collaborate-and-cohes


It also is interesting to consider this because members of so many of these diverse faiths and backgrounds, colors, beliefs, ideologies can work together on one exciting project - just like those above.  This one in particular would help generate and build on common ground toward Spiritual unity and understanding that might effect true conflict resolution and hopefully global peace.   I'd like to know how many of NEOs great people think this might fit with the other Sustainable Future Strategies (SFS) outlined here to create a more sustainable future for our great region of Northeast Ohio.  Let's set an example and lead by example, so the rest of the world benchmarks against us and fight to 'keep up with the Joneses' !  This way all cities of the world, however they might be TRULY governed (by local leadership, in conjunction with state and federal authorities, by military intelligence specialists, or EVEN ultimately by a limited number of uber-elite corporate supergiants) - all the cities of the globe can raise the bar and reach for and beyond the stars!  For the real-world present, consider this 'here and now' strategies.  As for the future - an entire world awaits at the link below:


Direct Link: http://realneo.org/blog/sudhir-kade/putting-pieces-together-a-global-invite-to-ingenuity-2007


(Global) Peace!