NEW - open house TODAY - NEW East Cleveland Obama Field Office

Submitted by KMaCK on Sun, 09/28/2008 - 08:27.
09/28/2008 - 14:00
09/28/2008 - 17:00

ECOFO just opened Wed., Sept. 24th. Having OPEN HOUSE TODAY, Sun. Sept. 28th. Need visitors, volunteers, and refreshment donations for TODAY !

EAST CLEVELAND now has a small NEW Barack Obama Field office. It is on Euclid at Roselynn, in the Solar Building (one block west of Superior). It is across the street from Popeyes Chicken and next door to SnickerFritz, the art house and music studio on Euclid. Entrance and parking is in the back. You will have to ring the door bell at the back door to get in.

The EC Obama Field Office is having an open house / house warming TODAY - SUNDAY, Sept. 28th, starting at 2pm.

The EC Obama Field Office is in need of 4 things ..

1) VOLUNTEERS !!!! To do canvassing, phone calls, etc. - on-going until Nov. 4th
2) General office supplies (things like scotch tape, packing tape, poster board, clip boards, permanent markers of all sizes, colors and shapes, scissors, tape measures, legal pads, folding tables, etc. They have plenty paper towels and TP)
3) Outdoor signage and basic clean-up, arranging and decoration of the office.
4) For TODAY - light refreshments for the open house. Chips, cookies, fruit juice, ice, bottled water, fruit, veggie trays,etc.

For more info., contact Jessica Byrd, EC Obama Field Office Manager. (216) 926-9276

I'm asking if any RealNEO members / readers could chip in with goodies for today's event. If you could just drop off some items for refreshments, it would be a big help. They just moved into this office on Wed., and Jessica, a college senior that took a semester off to do this work, is the only paid staffer and working pretty much by herself. Please help if you can.

EC Obama headquarter address

  Corner of Rosalind and Euclid Ave, Solar Building--13308 Euclid Ave. 44112

Open 11 AM - 8 PM Every Day Until Election

Stop by any time: Open 11 AM - 8 PM Every Day Until Election 

Disrupt IT

Meet the ladies who VOTE!

  Stopped by today and meet Jessica and her band of formidable ladies.  Of course, where women gather, you will find FOOD. 


Chris  P.  announced the food factor to his somewhat apathetic college students at CWRU. 

Let's hope that FOOD awakens their latent desire for change :)

(JessyB, who is only slightly older than the college students at CWRU, astutely observed that college kids today think that they can change the world ONLINE, so they don't bother to get out and make themselves VISIBLE...she is so right...and, of course, if only one of those young, attractive, energetic college students showed up at a senior citizen housing complex...well, what a difference they could make by helping a homebound SENIOR to VOTE!)

a lady who will vote

Grace Lee Boggs part 1

Grace Lee Boggs part 2

Grace Lee Boggs part 3

this taped by Democracy Now during the South Carolina primary.

Grace Lee Boggs is 92 years old. She still lives in Detroit.