REALNEO Shows Love For Obama In East Cleveland

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Thu, 10/02/2008 - 10:12.

EC Obama Field Office Manager Jessica Byrd and East Cleveland activist KMaCK

It was no ordinary drive-by day on Roxbury, yesterday. The punk honking her horn in front of my house was none other than real NEO's most outgoing and outrageous librarian, Laura McShane, in a home-made Obama t-shirt, just coming from the East Cleveland Obama Headquarters (ECOH) where she was spreading REALNEO love. She reported lots of positive activity there, on the positive campaign front. When REALNEO Sudhir and I arrived at ECOH, around 6:15, real NEO's alternative energy superpower Bill MacDermott and his wife were just about to pull away, having dropped off provisions for the troops (see his smiling ;-) face below). Inside, real NEO arts education luminary and East Cleveland activist KMaCK introduced me to new REALNEO member Jessica Byrd... THE ECOH campaign organizer... who reported that since the start of the day several other "REALNEO people" had come by to drop off food and supplies (above), and showing their support... all in first-day response to KMaCK's posting on REALNEO: "More on the East Cleveland Obama Field Office - You can still help too!"

That's a flash mob of the best sort! From KMaCK's posting on REALNEO, around a dozen otherwise unaffiliated people came from REALNEO.US, from all over real NEO, to East Cleveland, to make personal differences for the people in East Cleveland in the campaign for Obama for President. I'm sure they found ECOH is a very friendly place, making a difference for the world.

It occurred to me, today, that until the close of voting, November 4, 2008, there is nothing more important on Earth than making certain Obama is elected President of the United States of America, and McCain is defeated... along with his outdated and failed establishment now cracking under the bankruptcy of their "system".

So, I will be very active seeking the involvement of everyone I know to help this cause, including on REALNEO (and, warning to those who may see me in public, I'll be outspoken on this face-to-face, as well).

We need to expand our activism for real change here, each day, as we work to elect a President who may support change where he has the most influence.

Over the next four+ weeks, through and from the EC Obama HQ, 1,000s of doors will be knocked and voters will be educated and registered, 100s of citizens will volunteer, and dozens of staff will manage and operate the most important election and moment in world history. I'm excited to see our Regional Economics Action Links for North East Ohio - REALNEO - has already had a very real role helping ECOH succeed, and I warmly encourage each of you who read this and may to come down and volunteer to make some phone calls, or register voters, knock on doors, or help feed and fund those who do.

You'll make others feel good, you'll enjoy yourself and feel good, and you'll make a difference helping save Earth and all life on it.

KMaCK has posted a brief wish list of things that you may bring by the ECOH to support the effort - we'll keep that current in the comments... Jessica said they need clipboards and a dry erase board... and food never hurts (it helps).

Include some coffee and candy for energy, and fruit and veggies for health, PLEASE!!!!

The East Cleveland Obama Campaign Headquarters is very conveniently located right on Euclid Avenue (which is now entirely completed, with good, normal traffic flow in all directions), one block from Superior Avenue... just east of University Circle... down the hill from The Heights.

Corner of Rosalind and Euclid Ave, Solar Building--13308 Euclid Ave. 44112

There is parking in front of the building and in the back, accessed from Rosalind.

It is across the street from Popeyes Chicken

Stop by any time: Open 11 AM - 8 PM Every Day Until Election

For more info., contact Jessica Byrd, EC Obama Field Office Manager. (216) 926-9276


I'll be grilling something... perhaps Bill will as well! Doesn't he look fun!?!?!

Real NEO's alternative energy superpower Bill MacDermott in front of East Cleveland Obama Headquarters

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