Time to Move-On, as political change becomes #1 real NEO issue ahead

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Fri, 07/14/2006 - 10:55.

 The Plain Dealer is starting to raise awareness of the political campaigns coming up in November and I appreciate that, as it is obvious the only hope for Northeast Ohio to make any progress forward at all this decade, from the disasterous funk we're in, is through a complete change of leadership in Columbus and that we send to Washington, DC, in preparation for making sure America has a completely different global leadership profile after Bush finishes his current lame-duck mucking-up as President.

Between now and November, the elections will be my #1 focus so that will be covered extensively on realneo or wherever I may go. So, let's get ready for elections...

One interesting organization to join for online activism is MoveOn - eveything you need to know to sign-up and share info on their civic action is posted below:

Keep Me Posted on MoveOn.org Civic Action

Here's a brief letter you can send to your email circle. Please only contact people who know you personally. Spam hurts our campaign. Just click here:


You can also cut and paste this text into an email message:


I hope you'll join me and hundreds of thousands of others in the
most exciting grassroots movement on the Internet: MoveOn.org.


MoveOn.org Civic Action gives people a voice in shaping the laws & policies
that affect our lives. You can sign online petitions on timely
issues like responding to terrorism, energy policy, and campaign
finance reform, or you can just sign up to receive email alerts,
all for free.

One of the best things about MoveOn.org Civic Action is that each of us can
help decide what issues the organization stands for, using a
unique, online discussion forum. Everyone can post suggestions,
and everyone can rate all the other suggestions. Those that
receive the highest ratings can become the focus of MoveOn.org's
action campaigns.

It's a promising idea: choose our priorities collectively, then
act on them collectively. MoveOn's founder, Wes Boyd, calls it
"network democracy."

I hope you'll join us today at:


We can all take part in choosing and creating our future.

Thank you!


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