Clark Fields major LEAD problem being ignored?

Submitted by mabeldog on Sun, 03/08/2015 - 16:44.

Clark Fields aka Tremont Valley Playfield, all 50 plus acres of it, is being rejuvenated, rehabilitated, renovated, revived, Halleluiah, without any apparent participation, assistance, interference or monitoring from the almighty EPA. And why NOT? It's full of lead. Lots and lots of lead, courtesy of the many neighboring factories over the last century, including the former Grasselli Chemical, long time Cleveland manufacturer which produced many scary toxic substances RIGHT NEXT TO CLARK FIELDS ;including sulphuric acid, fertilizers, acetic acid AND explosives, they also produced lead paint. You know that terrifying stuff that has spawned an entire cottage industry closely regulated and constantly monitored by the EPA, of inspectors who have shut down and removed thousands of playground metal swing sets and slides, among their other duties, because they were once painted with lead paint. Lead can cause all kinds of mental and physical problems in young children. But none of that seems to matter down in Clark Fields that has brand new EPA approved plastic playground equipment sitting right on top of dangerous levels of lead. And why hasn't Clark Fields been shut down and fenced off to protect the residents of Tremont. The powers that be, including councilman Joe Cimperman know all about the lead problem. And by the way there is NO safe level of lead according to the EPA. That's right. That would be zero. But Councilman Cimperman tried to blow this off when he spoke to Scene Magazine for the February 3, 2015 issue."There have been longstanding EPA issues on the land, but Cimperman says it's not anything you wouldn't find at any other city park. Some lead etc.""SOME LEAD is OK???? Newflash to the Councilman. SOME lead is bad. ANY lead is bad. And the effects on children are irreversible according to the Center for Disease Control. And yet it's full steam ahead at Clark Fields. Maybe some of the soil will be removed, maybe there will be a cap. Who knows right? Flush with over $5 million in public funding from a variety of donors, let's roll. The results of the soil sampling by the URS Corporation, paid for with our tax $$$$$ remain a closely held secret. WHY isn't this information being released? And more secret soil samples being paid for by us are going to be taken and hidden away. The whole field and all the lead and PAHs and who knows what else will remain open during construction. Don't swallow anything if you're down there.

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