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I have just completed the first round of properties from the City Land Bank sold to developers - all supported by City Council and others.

This list of properties were sold (as per Cuyahoga County Records of the Auditor's Office) to West 11th Street Properties, LLC. with a link to Progressive Urban Development.  Names include David Sharkey, Lee Chilcote, Keith Brown, and David Fragpane.

008-04-067, 008-04-091, 004-04-092, 008-04-094, 008-04-096, 008-04-097, 008-04-099, 008-04-108, 008-04-140, 008-04-147, 008-04-148, 008-04-146, 008-04-149, 008-04-150, 008-04-145, 008-04-113, 008-04-115, 008-04-118, 008-04-091, 003-34-005, 002-35-144, 002-35-145, 002-35-145

These are the properties titled to West 11th Street Properties and DOES NOT include developed properties that have already been sold.


Developers are able to purchase these vacant lots for $1.00 - $100. 




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that is a lot of parcels.  How do people without connections get deals like this?   I want to get in on this deal.  

This is just one (1)

This is just one (1) developer.  Some parcels have already been sold and that is going to take a more extensive research.

I will post the next round as soon as I check them all out.


Land Bank GREEN manure

Evidently, I am not banned/censored at PD, as long as I don't post any links to REALNEO.  Was able to throw in a few comments regarding the false promise of urban farming and other scams used by the carpetbaggers to conceal their despicable activities.

Still waiting for the Feds to pick up the huge stories busted here by Lily and Jerleen.

JeffB--please call me about Boston reporter.